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WHO Investigates Mysterious Respiratory Illness ‘Very Similar to Covid’

At least nine patients at a private clinic in northern Argentina this week have fallen ill due to “pneumonia with unknown origin,” prompting an investigation by health authorities and the World Health Organization.

“On 30 August 2022, the Ministry of Health of Argentina informed to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) of the notification by the Ministry of Public Health of Tucumán Province, on the detection of a cluster of 6 cases of bilateral pneumonia in six patients without etiological identification so far,” PAHO said in a news release.

In the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, there have been six confirmed cases: five healthcare providers and one patient receiving intensive care at a private clinic.

Fever, myalgia, stomach pain, and dyspnea were observed at the onset of symptoms between August 18 and 22. Two of the six patients who came with bilateral pneumonia passed away, three are hospitalized, and one is recovering at home in isolation.

“On 1 September 2022, the Ministry of Public Health of Tucuman3 reported 3 additional patients, all health care workers, with onset of symptom between 20 and 23 August, presenting similar symptoms compared to the 6 cases reported previously,” PAHO added.

Those involved are all linked with the same healthcare center in Tucumán.

In total, 9 cases, including 3 deaths, have been linked to this mysterious illness. Preliminary investigation indicates that the fatal cases had comorbidities.

There is no evidence of person-to-person transmission at this time, according to Hector Sale, president of the Tucuman provincial medical college

“What these patients have in common is the severe respiratory condition with bilateral pneumonia and compromise in images [x-ray] very similar to Covid, but that is ruled out, as has cold, influenza of both types A + and B +, Hantavirus and 25 other germs,” said Luis Medina Ruiz, the minister of public health of the Tucumán province.

“It is very similar to Covid, hantavirus; it can be viruses or bacteria,” said the director of the epidemiology of the provincial health system, Dr. Rogelio Calli.

Scientists from the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control are apparently keeping an eye on the situation in Argentina.

UK Government is now on high alert.

“We are aware of an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin in Argentina,” Dr. Katherine Russell, Head of Emerging Infections and Zoonoses at UKHSA, told the Daily Star exclusively.

“We continue to monitor the situation closely as further information becomes available through the investigations by Argentina’s health authorities.”

  • Rita says:

    5 Healthcare workers and 1 patient and it isn’t spread from person to person? REALLY????
    This story sounds suspicious to me in all aspects. Pneumonia is either viral or bacterial and that can be determined by lab test without identifying what the specific organism is. Viral Pneumonia is also called walking Pneumonia because it is less severe and rarely needs hospitalization.
    Maybe these people have been vaxxed and are being misdiagnosed with Pneumonia instead of fluid in their lungs. Having all these people with bilateral Pneumonia at the same time is suspicious. Also not being able to identify the organism. Maybe there is no organism just fluid.

  • John says:

    Oops another one of their communist Democrat lab created genocidal viruses accidentally walked itself out of their lab, they don’t want to use firing squads against American people it would draw too much attention,so the cowards resort to this, wake up people WE’RE BEING TARGETED FOR THEIR N.W.O. SATANIC GOVERNMENT AGENDA MURDER, it’s going to be kill or be killed as they continue to let out these lab-created crowd controlling genocidal agendas to usher in their new world order communist government quickly before Trump can get in be justified and straighten what little he could. After this fraudulently elected pedophile destroyed and corrupted these entire government systems and Country

  • Rudog says:

    Awww sure, ‘nuther chinese wuhan dilly dilly bug at US elections time…kinda’ predictable..???

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    You can make book and win everytime if you know the truth behind these magalomaniacs! If would turn your stomach so inside out it would never be right again. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR LIES. DON’T TAKE ANYMORE SHOTS OR PILLS OR WHATEVER THEY SHOVE AT YOU. This going no where but straight to HELL! Please get to know Jesus Christ as your personal SAVIOR! NOW!

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