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White House Cocaine Update: Secret Service Briefing May Indicate They Have Something

The story from the Biden team about the cocaine found in the White House may be ever-changing, but if they think they’re just going to be able to skip the news cycle and ignore the question, it’s not happening. This is one of those things that they aren’t going to be able just to dance by on.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is now deflecting questions to the Secret Service. She previously got herself in trouble by claiming the media was “irresponsible” for even asking the question if the cocaine belonged to Hunter or Joe Biden.

She claimed they hadn’t even been at the White House from Friday until they returned on Tuesday when the cocaine was found that Sunday. But then she was fact-checked by the press pool, who noted that the Bidens had been there that Friday.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s Jason Leopold said he made FOIA requests to the Secret Service for anything they might have on the cocaine. What he got back from them was the “Sorry, we’re not giving anything up, ongoing investigation” routine.

The Secret Service said they weren’t turning it over as it could “interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

Leopold said that while he anticipated that, he was going to be appealing to get something because he said they couldn’t make a blanket denial without at least looking at the material and turning over what might not “interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

While they are putting Leopold off, they can’t, however, put off the House Oversight Committee. As we reported, Chair James Comer (R-KY) demanded answers about the cocaine and security from the Secret Service last week, requesting a briefing from them on the matter by July 14. Comer said in his letter that the presence of illegal drugs in the White House was “unacceptable” and “a shameful moment in the White House’s history.”

He said the Secret Service had a responsibility to maintain safety in the building, and this raised a big question about security in the building. Bear in mind — they evacuated the White House because they didn’t know what the white powder was until they tested it.

The Secret Service has agreed to brief them on Thursday, at 10 a.m., according to a Committee spokesperson.

Fox’s Chad Pergram said that they were trying to have it for late July, but because they moved it up, it might be an indication that they had something on the case. That would be intriguing — if the Secret Service would go there and expose someone on the Biden team (if that’s who it is). Or will they try to deflect or pin it on someone/something they can distance from officials or family?

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz said last week that it is likely that they know who it is based on all the information that they can garner, despite prior reports that they are “unlikely” to figure it out.

He said everyone had badges, cameras everywhere, and the Secret Service knows where everyone is going. He said he thinks the Secret Service knows who it is, and that he thought they were waiting for DNA evidence. So we shall have to see what they give Comer in the briefing. But they’re not going to be able to get around this.

  • Jericho says:

    They are trying to find a way to spell Hyntur that won’t offend joe.

  • DDearborn says:




    To settle the matter of the “Cocaine” first thought to have been discovered White House. The illegal drug was actually discovered in the possession of Donald Trump no where near the White House meaning Hunter isn’t guilty…

    Unnamed DOJ official states charges are pending against the Former president not just for possession but distribution of cocaine!

  • Semore says:

    ‘Lil Buckwheat’s job is to lie for the administration.

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