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WH Tries to Clean up Biden’s ‘Cancer’ Comment, Trips Over Facts and His Prior Remarks

As we reported earlier, Joe Biden made an odd comment using the present tense, claiming to “have” cancer, which raised the eyebrows of a lot of people.

The context was him talking about where he used to live in Delaware and he claimed that he (and others he knew) picked up cancer because of the pollution in the town which resulted in oil slicks on his mother’s windshield.

The White House is now trying to clean up the comment and put down any suggestion that he might have a current condition.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates claimed that what Biden was talking about was previously treated skin cancer.

Except that the problem with that claim is that his doctor said last year that was due to his exposure to the sun when he was younger. It doesn’t come from oil slicks on the windshield, even if that crazy story were true. So it doesn’t ultimately clean it up.

But on top of that, there’s another problem with this whole story. Biden has told the same story in the past — in April, on Earth Day. Except then, he claimed that the oil slicks and the pollution caused him and people he knew not to have cancer, but asthma.

Listen and compare:

When he says “not a joke,” it’s one of his “tells.” It means “Here comes the lie, don’t question it too hard.”

So what’s the real story here?

What we do know is that Joe Biden has a long history of fabricating stories throughout his public life. He’s made up all kinds of things that aren’t true and so it’s quite easy to believe that he was at it again here, exaggerating for effect. That would seem to be most likely. But it’s also easy to believe that he would have issues that he would not be straightforward about regarding his health. Hence, why we are never getting a straight answer about his incoherence and cognitive issues.

This is the problem of having someone like Joe Biden who lies all the time — you don’t take anything he or his people say on faith because you have every reason not to trust them.

  • Sagelike says:

    Maybe the oil slick on his moms windshield was K-Y jelly?

  • Joe Notgay says:

    This PROVES that all the talk about environment and pollution are part of a conspiracy. It’s all lies! Lies I tell you. They want us to stop driving our pickup trucks and eating mcdonalds and throwing our trash out the window when we are done. And my girl sally lou loves to do that. MAGA and stop lying, you are trying to destroy the good ol USA.

  • Phil Barberg says:

    Biden has accomplished so much! He has been a truck driver, a college professor etc etc. Not bad for a career politician. And now he has cancer too. I’m waiting to hear how he landed on the moon on Apollo 22 and met the aliens there. And don’t forget Senator Biden was on TV saying he was against Pro-Choice. He ran for president and said he was running for the Senate. Oh well not to worry, introduction – here’s President Harris! And he told our troops they were going into the Ukraine! His handlers are working overtime to keep him out of trouble. No wonder our allys think he is a joke!

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