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WH Sends Scathing Letter to Speaker Johnson Demanding to End Biden Impeachment Inquiry

The White House is demanding Republican lawmakers end their six-month-long impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, claiming they are trying to “Hurt the president politically.”

In a scathing letter addressed to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), White House Counsel Ed Siskel said that it has become “clear” that the “House Republican impeachment is over.” He claimed that there is no “evidence” to impeach Biden, despite countless testimonies and bank statements indicating the president used his political influence to make his family rich.

The letter claimed that the investigation into Biden is nothing but a “Divisive political sideshow” and that the president has done “Nothing wrong.”

“For over a year, House Republicans have been investigating President Biden to find something — anything — to hurt the President politically,” Siskel wrote. “Instead, the investigation has continually turned up evidence that, in fact, the President did nothing wrong.”

In his four-page letter, Siskel called on the Republican Party to work with Biden on the economy, national security, and the ongoing border crisis, saying that the GOP is wasting “Time on political stunts like this.”

However, he failed to mention that the reason Republicans launched an impeachment inquiry into Biden in the first place, is because he failed to be the president Americans need and instead wreaked havoc on the country, causing the issues Siskel tried to blame Republicans for.

“This is just the latest abusive tactic in this investigation. It has targeted the President’s children, grandchildren, siblings, and in-laws for no reason. It has intruded into private citizens’ personal records on everything from medical visits to birthday presents. Enough is enough,” Siskel wrote. “It is obviously time to move on, Mr. Speaker. This impeachment is over. There is too much important work to be done for the American people to continue wasting time on this charade.”

Siskel listed 12 witnesses who claim Biden has done nothing wrong. Two of those witnesses were Hunter Biden and James Biden— both of whom are part of the president’s lucrative overseas money scheme.

“This impeachment inquiry in large part has been based on allegations made by troubling sources, as recent developments have made clear,” he continued. “In February, the source of a bribery allegation that the Majority spent much of 2023 promoting was criminally charged for making it up. Prosecutors even said he had been in contact with Russian intelligence.”

  • southersgolfer says:

    “trying to hurt the president politically”. Joe Biden is doing that to himself. He started on day 1 of his presidency. “Republicans are investigating something, anything, to hurt him politically”. So I guess what the Dems are doing to Trump is ok because that is exactly what they are doing. What’s good for the goose…

  • Karen says:

    What the hell are they doing to Trump? What a bunch of morons. Biden should be charged and put in jail along with his son, brother and the entire family. They are so corrupt is sickening.

  • Rex says:

    All I needed was to read the first paragraph. That evil, corrupt, demented, perverted, and dim-witted moron of a president is lucky he’s still breathing, along with his half-assed boss Hussein. And I seriously mean that they are both VERY lucky.



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