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Watch: White Woman Does Spot-On Impression of ‘Every Kamala Harris Speech’

A woman who goes by the name Elsa Kurt on Twitter/X and other social media platforms does a Kamala Harris impression that is outstanding.

You won’t see her on Saturday Night Live or the Daily Show, because those ‘comedy’ shows don’t make fun of Democrats. Only Republicans can be used as a punchline.

We have the video however, and you need to see it.

Sister Toldjah of RedState wrote about this:

‘Basically Every Kamala Speech’: Hilarious Impersonator Highlights the VP’s Biggest Problem in New Clip

With the Biden admin and POTUS’ apologists still doing inverted backflips to try and contain the damage after special counsel Robert Hur’s damning report on Biden’s handling of classified documents, now is as good a time as any for a refresher on his second in command as the 2024 presidential campaign season kicks into high gear.

Kamala Harris being Joe Biden’s vice president naturally means the spotlight has been more on her over the last three years than you typically see on veeps considering Biden’s age and frequent memory lapses, both of which were highlighted in the Hur report.

But as talk turns to “what about Kamala?” as rumors again bubble to the surface about Democrats dumping Biden from the 2024 ticket, it’s important to point out that in addition to her lack of meaningful political skills and policy gravitas, Kamala Harris has a big comms problem.

This is not just because her comms department has a high turnover rate but also because Kamala herself is a word salad nightmare, something brilliantly and hilariously outlined by Kamala impersonator Elsa Kurt, who we’ve written about before and who in early February explained in Kamala-speak basically what every platitude-filled Kamala Harris speech sounds like.

Watch below, this is great.

It’s actually better than anything you’ll see on SNL. Just a riot.

  • steve says:

    That was GREAT & Spot on. NAILED IT!

  • Dana T says:

    So funny!! And ON POINT!

  • Hog Jockey says:

    If you listen to this video with your eyes closed, you wouldn’t know that its not kamaltoe talking and cackling. This lady absolutely nailed the pure ignorance of the dipsh*t trespasser in the VP’s office



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