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Watch: ‘White Savior’ Tries to Warn Blacks About MAGA Event in Detroit They Were Heading to

As people gathered in Detroit last night for a BLEXIT event, at least one “white savior” tried to warn a Black couple to “be careful” with all the “White MAGA folks” in town carrying American flags.

Irony alert….the couple was headed to that very event.

Social media influencer @locdinwithzaza_ shared her experience as she was walking to the event with her husband.

locdinwithzaza begins, “So me at Darrell were walking to the BLEXIT event right? We’re walking across the street and this White woman comes up behind us and firstly she asks us, ‘Oh, is it always crowded down here?’ Cause we are in Detroit…never been to Detroit before.”

“But the first red flag was her assuming that we’re from here. I’m assuming because, you know, we’re ‘Negroes.’”

“Then, she proceeds to tell us, ‘Oh, you guys know Trump is here, you better watch out. I’ve seen a lot of White MAGAs walking around with the American flag. You know…you guys….be careful guys!’”

locdinwithzaza then turns to her husband and asks, “HATE CRIME! How’d you feel about the hate crime?”

He answers with a smile, “I’m offended. I feel threatened. I don’t know how I’m gonna go on with my life.”

locdinwithzaza continues, “Little does she know we’re on our way to the convention.”


locdinwithzaza shared her political journey and “Walk Away” story on Instagram.

  • Scurvydog says:

    Progressives are the racists. They are the haters.



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