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Watch What Happens After Antifa Members Tried Resisting Arrest in Texas

The Fort Worth Police Department released surveillance and body camera videos of Antifa members attacking people who were protesting a drag event and then resisting arrest from officers after they attempted to bring them in custody for the initial assault.

The first video taken from a surveillance camera shows the Antifa members walking over to the side of the street where the anti-drag protesters were. The Antifa group started to surround them and one of them used pepper spray on the protesters. Fort Worth Police say many in the Antifa crowd were armed with either handguns or long guns.

When responding officers tried to get suspect Samuel Fowlkes to surrender, Fowlkes can be seen on body camera walking, then running away from the officers. This forced the officers to grab Fowlkes to arrest him. Other Antifa members can be seen fighting the police. Christopher Guillott swung an umbrella and hit an officer in the face before being arrested.

Fowlkes continued to resist arrest after being pinned to the ground and called out for help. An officer can be heard telling Fowlkes to not reach for a gun or else he is going to be shot.

After Fowlkes was secured, Meghan Grant charged the officers, claiming one of the arrestees needed medical attention, being pushed back multiple times before being taken into custody.

Fowlkes was charged with assault causes bodily injury, evading arrest, resisting arrest, assault on a peace officer. Guillott was charged with interference with public duties and assault on a peace officer. Grant was charged with interference with public duties and resisting arrest.

  • Sherry says:

    Glad they were arrested. It’s about time!

  • fukliberals says:


  • Auntie Vyris says:

    God bless and protect Andy Ngo and everyone who fairly covers these Antifa puzzies. They all need their azzes beat because Mom and Dad apparently didn’t.

  • Jerry Fares says:

    What’s with all these heavily armed terrorists with their faces totally covered!! THIS SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!! WE NEED TO KNOW WHO THEY ALL ARE!!



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