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Watch: Ukrainian Troops Land on US Soil Will Start Training at Military Base in Oklahoma

The war between Ukraine and Russia has made its way to the United States.

US Military officials have announced that Ukrainian troops have officially landed on U.S. soil and will commence military training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The soldiers landed at Fort Sill regional airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Training for the Ukrainian troops will consist of them learning to operate the Patriot missile system and will undergo various battle-type simulations.

Watch the moment their plane arrived:

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the move to train Ukrainian troops comes after the Pentagon announced it’s in the process of sending a Patriot air defense system and more weapons to Ukraine.

The training will last several months but many residents in Oklahoma are concerned for their own safety.

Republican Rep. Nathan Dahm previously tried to stop Ukrainian troops from training in Oklahoma by issuing a SCR2 but as of now, it has been of no effect.

In a tweet, Rep. Dahm warned, “The last thing we need is them misfiring a missile into Oklahoma.”

  • Gloria says:

    They ain’t here training! That’s just the first of many troops being brought here to be used to control United States citizens! This country should NEVER bring soldiers from another country here to train!it’s more convenient to do it there! This country is going to shit!

    • mary says:

      your absolutely right. Ukraine is our enemy not Russia. Ukraine is a drug invested country Americans need to stop this immediately.

    • Impeach Joe Now says:

      You’ll also be happy to know Biden has another well thought out plan. We are now going to bring Ukraine’s wounded Nazi Terrorists to our country to rehabilitate them at taxpayer’s expense in our hospitals. Another, What could possibly go wrong. We can only guess what Zelensky is holding over Joes head and how mush $$$ he’s getting for every Nazi we treat here.

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    You got to wonder when the chit is going to hit the proverbial fan when Pedo flies foreign troops onto USA soil.

  • Proud Veteran says:

    In addition to the billion$ that biden has sent to Ukraine, we, the American taxpayers are now paying for this too??

    • You were Played Again says:

      We are also paying for a lot that Joe is trying to hide. Remember the $80B in weapons left in Afghanistan? The truth is, the decision had already been made to join the War in Ukraine well before Joe’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan. The weapons were quickly abandoned in Afghanistan, only to facilitate our rapid move to Ukraine.

      The fact that these were new weapons and left so we could move our war more quickly, would indicate, those weapons should be charged to the war in Ukraine, rather than Afghanistan. So, whatever this administration claims the Ukraine war has cost us so far, must have that additional $80B added to that figure. In the meantime, Joe is chuckling that he fooled the American taxpayer once again. See there folks, you were screwed once again and didn’t even notice it. Joe is pure evil.

  • What Could Go Wrong says:

    What a well thought out idea. This one must have come directly from Biden himself. Let’s bring a boatload or Nazi Terrorists to our own country. What could possibly go wrong?



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