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Watch: Tucker Carlson Visits Russian Grocery Store

Tucker Carlson has released a new video on his website that gives an inside look at a grocery store in Moscow, Russia.

The video, which is for subscribers only, is titled TC Shorts: The Moscow Grocery Store, and in the description of the video, Tucker writes, “We’ve been told sanctions on Russia have had a devastating effect on its economy. We visited a grocery store in Moscow and found a very different situation.”

In the video, Tucker points out that sanctions by the United States and other European nations have had no impact on grocery stores in Russia despite the corporate media claiming so.

Tucker also showed the large variety of food the Moscow supermarket contained and noted their prices are much more affordable than in the U.S.


In a second clip, Tucker is being checked out and reveals how much he paid for groceries.


Tucker previously noted how much more nice Moscow is than any other city in the United States.

Per The Hill:

Pundit Tucker Carlson called Moscow “nicer” than any city in the United States and praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s governing of the massive world superpower.

“And the most radicalizing thing for me in the eight days I spent in Moscow was not just the leader of the country,” Carlson said during a recent interview at the World Government Summit, calling Putin “capable.”

“What was very shocking, very disturbing was the city of Moscow, where I’d never been … it was so much nicer than any city in my country,” he said, calling the Russian capital “so much cleaner, and prettier aesthetically — its architecture, its food, its service — than any city in the United States.”

  • Charisse says:

    The Mother Land respects their country, people and Culture. Maybe if other countries gave a damn they too would be living in a beautiful place. If any of their representatives gave a care they would also take part in making their state peaceful & beautiful for the residents that pay enormous amounts of taxes (state & federal) but they only care what they can suck out of us, so that they have giant bank accounts & give our money away to illegals & foreign wars.(that also lines their pockets!

  • Kawika56 says:

    This was written about Cuba, but still applies to Russia!
    Have you ever bought a car, truck, or tractor from a Communist country?
    Anything at all?
    That is because not even the Commies want any of that Commie made junk, either!
    Does Socialism and Communism produce a very few Ultra-Rich, while the rest of the population is Ultra-Poor?
    You BET!
    Did CUBA’S Castro ever “redistribute” any money?
    They have “Income Equality” in Cuba; a doctor gets just $67 per month, everyone else much less!
    Of course, the Castro brothers got just a wee bit more; Forbes Magazine estimated Fidel’s fortune to be $900 million!
    BTW: all those great Cuban hospitals and Medical Care are ONLY for the Elite Government Officials, and Foreigners who come bringing MONEY!
    For the Cuban hoi polloi, it is “Third World” “Medical Care” all the way, no supplies or modern equipment, just old junk!
    It is the same with shopping… the Party Elite and Foreigners have special stores and grocery stores where they, and they ALONE, are allowed to shop. These stores rival any of the classiest stores in America with imported luxury goods.

    Fidel Castro had $900 MILLION, but his people were as poor as church mice.
    Communist leaders always live like royalty, while the peasants starve and fight in the streets.
    Why do you think they still have all those ’50s-era cars? Most Cubans still have the same cars as they did prior to the Bay of Pigs! They have not been able to import anything from the USA since then, we all know that! But that is NOT the reason!

    It is because they can’t afford new ones, and oh BTW, just because WE were not exporting cars to Cuba, which did not stop other car manufacturing countries from exporting to Cuba… the Cubans being dead BROKE stopped them! Do you think that Japan, England, Germany, France, and Korea, and other countries don’t export cars?
    The reason that most Cubans do not have ANY newer cars is that they CAN’T afford them!
    Most Cubans are dead broke, except for a few Elite Party members!
    Hmmmm… I thought the “Elite Class” was supposed to be eliminated under Communism?
    Trying to buy fuel for the cars they do have, is like it was during the USA’s Gas Shortage in the 1970s… daily lines for many blocks long, but this has been going on since Communism took over, not just a few months like it did in the USA.

    Might it have something to do with the Government?
    Everyone knows that the “Worker’s Paradise” of Communism always produces such high standards of living?

    Says all DemonRat Leftists:
    “Well, Socialism will work, this time for sure!”
    “Have no worries about us leaving the country flat BROKE and Society in shambles!”
    Our Exalted Leaders will be fabulously Wealthy! They and the rest of the Party’s Elite will shop at the best fully stocked stores with plenty of luxury items and receive the best medical care that money can buy. The rest of you peons get squat!

    The Castro Brothers had $900 MILLION, according to FORBES!
    Fidel died: on November 25, 2016
    Perhaps Raúl Castro will now redistribute all that money to the Cuban People?
    Don’t hold your breath.
    The Cuban hoi-polloi are still flat-broke!



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