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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Calls Out WEF ‘Lizard People’ for Cringe Musical Performance

On his Friday night program Tucker Carlson said “Let’s check in on our lizard overlords in Davos, Switzerland,” and played a clip from a bizarre musical performance that took place at this year’s World Economic Forum summit.

In the clip, the performer, known as Noa, expels a sound resembling one long “Wooo” that cascades up and down in an arhythmic tonal medley accompanied by an acoustic guitar. “Yeah, those people run the world! They’re so impressive!” Carlson said. “What a bunch of freaks.”

According to the WEF website, Noa is “Israel’s most highly acclaimed international singer, songwriter, percussionist, speaker and activist,” who dedicates her time to “the relationship between cultural diplomacy and leadership and the Climate Crisis.”

The performance was part of a WEF summit panel titled “Noa’s Ark – Music as a Catalyst for Change” that was followed by a conversation on “how art and science can be interwoven with diplomacy and decisions for the collective good.”

During the panel, Noa was asked, “Why do people actually hate each other?”

“People are afraid. Fear is our enemy. So you’re afraid somebody will take something away from you. Right? You’re afraid they’ll take away your land, your identity, your water, your God.”

The WEF has advocated for the end of the privatization of land, government control of water and resources, and secularism. On their website, it is written that “the land, air, water, landscape, natural resources, the social amenities that society inherits, the data we produce and our cultural institutions all belong to everybody and belong in nature to nobody.”

In a now-deleted 2016 article from the group’s website, the WEF published an article by Ida Auken, a member of Danish Parliament, that read, “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

In a 2019 article from Haaretz, Noa equated President Donald Trump as ‘evil’ in a piece titled, “What’s the Alternative – to Join the Forces of Evil?’ Israeli Singer Noa’s Revolution Against ‘Trumpism.'”

The Jewish News reports that in 2017, she referred to Trump as “a modern-day Hitler” and has been a vocal critic against Israel’s “actions in the West Bank.”

According to the Times of Israel, Noa “allegedly supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions, or BDS, movement against Israel.” After that news came out, ​​the Jewish National Fund of Canada withdrew sponsorship of an event in 2016 set to feature Noa.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    I have a word or two to say about Noa’s performance and the WEF, You are all just FREAKS and NUTZ the Z says of them ZERO ability to understand humankind and you can KISS MY ROYAL A$$.

  • Ramona Lessley says:

    They are total idiots. As far as climate change, WAKE UP !!! it’s not happening. The climate is going to change because that what it does. Look at history!!! Nothing we do or don’t do is going to slow it down or speed it up.

  • Susan says:

    It is not that they do not want you to have anything, it is that they want everything that you worked for including your children.
    They believe that they are gods, far better than the rest of us, therefore they believe that they can have what belongs to you, because you are here to work for them.!
    But you think about it, that is exactly how our country is being run under the fraudulent and rogue government that we now enjoy! The entire world runs this way, with the people working and striving and the elitists sucking off those who work for a living.
    Biden never had a job, never hired anyone, never created anything, no, he is a professional liar and crook who has amassed all his ill gained wealth by selling his country to the enemy! They all have!

    They know that we know, that’s why they have no choice but to kill as many people as possible.

  • ron says:

    RE Commercial. Power Slap. So, thats what we’ve come down to for entertainment. The Lowest Common denominator of intelligence. No wonder we have so much violence and crime.

  • dean says:

    people assume that Marxist SJW fronts such as 3rd Wave feminism, BLM & Antifa are opposed to the Global corporatists who established WEF. This may not be exactly the case, since activists fronts received funding from those same Globalist cabal at least as far back as the early Cold War era, when the Frankfurt School began its march through our institutions , misleading teen boomers with Leftist memes everyone thought was “Liberal”.
    Humanity is now being pressured between a two front “squeeze play” like Great Depression era Western Europe was ; by rival Leftwing collectivists -Bolshevik Marxist revolutionaries (in operation since the late 1800s) -and National Socialists (Mussolini’s post WW1 fascist movement, which opposed Free Market capitalism & Constitutional Individual Rights) – BOTH Big Brother Statists which George Orwell-(a socialist himself)-WARNED us about.
    True humanism means recognizing that we AREN’T IDENTICAL thus not “created equal” nor can Equity/equal outcomes(communism) ever be our goal , BUT a free associative society IS.
    That Power & Influence(culture,religion,politics,media,finance industry, means of production,etc)- NOT money- needs to be divided up into competing spheres -not concentrated into fewer hands(WEF’S Big Tech/corporate media) thus to limit CORRUPTION , because absolute power which ALWAYS corrupts absolutely , such in both command economy(socialism) and crony corporatist systems.
    Losing our civilization’s battle with Leftism-which is pushing out Classic Liberalism-will end in Global tyranny and probably mass human Depopulation .

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