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Watch: Trump Turns the Table on Lawyer During Carroll Deposition

Video of President Donald Trump’s fall 2022 deposition in the E. Jean Carroll civil rape case was released per a judge’s order on Friday, and a clip went viral showing Trump speaking his mind as to exactly what he thought of both Jessica Leeds and the attorney who was deposing him at the time.

In the clip, Trump was asked, “When you said in that video that Ms. Leeds would not be your first choice, you were referring to her physical looks, correct?”

“Just the overall,” Trump replied. “I look at her, I see her, I hear what she says. Whatever. You wouldn’t be a choice of mine either, I hope you’re not insulted. I would not under any circumstances have any interest in you. I’m being honest when I say it. She, I would not have any interest in.”


The Ms. Leeds who is being referenced is a woman who accused Trump of groping her on an airplane back in the 1990s, which is the same era as Carroll’s allegations. She claimed Trump kissed her in the first-class cabin, as well.

Carroll brought the suit, claiming that Trump raped her in the Bergdorf Goodman department store dressing room in New York in the 1990s. Trump has denied the allegations entirely.

“It didn’t happen,” he said in the deposition. “And by the way, if it did happen, it would have been reported within minutes. Talking about going to a major floor, probably I assumed the most important floor, a major floor in a major department store. That’s a very busy store, by the way, checkout counters and everything else. And I would be in there– I mean, it’s the most ridiculous. It’s the most ridiculous disgusting story is just made up.”

The New York jury in the case heard and saw the deposition this week. Because this is a civil case, any verdict has to do with whether or not it is likely or unlikely that Trump committed the act, and could have financial, though no criminal liability for the leading 2024 GOP presidential candidate.

  • Lynn says:

    Remember that Biden was accused by a former woman on his staff but the Dims wouldn’t hear of it.

    Innocent until proven conservative

  • Mary Harris says:

    I truly believe Trump is innocent. This women is trying to get rich and the Democrats are probably paying her.

  • Karen says:

    This is another witch hunt, so these females waited like 30 years to Finally come put and say something, bs there obviously is no police report, or is yhere a rape kit to put forth as evidence ,if this were true there would be one ir the other or both ,they did those things in the 90’s and Trump would have been pulled into jail, and these women would have had to identify him rule in or out,but it would be in hus record either way, they keep.old records just saying, and certainly would have kept records if this did in fact go down!!! I know this for a fact,just saying ; the left is so frightened of Trump, it’s actually become a sickness , a obsession that is consuming them, I know people who are democrats, everyday people, yet when listening to news ,whatever station doesn’t matter ,if his name is even mentioned they immediately turn the volume fown or the TV off, I have seen this happen and I just don’t get it, why because he nsy have hurt their feelings either a mean tweet ,or something; come on let’s grow the F up, stop and really think and really ask yourself, are you better now then you were two and a half years ago, I can say with confidence most people eould honestly say NO!!!# FJB the great uniter, yeah righttttttt!!

  • Matt says:

    Her story sounds like a dream. Major department store, devoid of all shoppers and customers. Just her and the handsome billionaire property developer who ravished her in a changing room. Right….

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