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Watch: Trump Draws Massive Crowd for Campaign Rally in Nikki Haley’s Home State South Carolina

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump drew a massive crowd while campaigning in GOP primary rival Nikki Haley’s home state of South Carolina.

On top of packing the arena on the campus of Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina, the former president had hundreds of people outside in the overflow area watching on screens.

Addressing the crowd outside, Trump said, “I want to thank everybody. We took what was known as a big arena.” He joked, “It’s not too big. because you can’t. We’ll have to do another one, we’ll come back soon, and we will get everybody in.”

“I wish you could come in,” the former president continued. “There is more spirit now than there was in 2016 or 2020. I just want to thank everybody.”

He then vowed to get the “biggest arena, or the biggest piece of land, or we’ll take over an airport, or something, but we will get everybody here, and we’re going to get them all in, or we’re going to get them on, and we are going to give the best speech you ever heard.”

During his speech inside the arena, Trump said he didn’t think former South Carolina Governor Haley would pass a cognitive test. He said, “I don’t think Nikki would pass the test I really don’t.” Trump added that he thinks “anyone running for president, regardless of age, should pass the test.”

He went on to call out Haley as “the candidate of globalists and warmongers who want to spend trillions and trillions on endless wars.” Trump added, “She’s always in favor of fighting wars. You know during my term we defeated ISIS, we knocked out the biggest, the worst terrorist in the world.”

When discussing the United States’ relationship with China, the former President said, “Crooked Joe and Nikki Haley are very good for China. They’re China people.” He added, “Donald J. Trump is good for the United States of America.”

In his closing statements, Trump vowed to drive the warmongers out of the government. He added, “We will soon be a great nation again.”

  • T-Boned says:

    Age in the Presidency, is about a stupid statement. Age doesn’t effect. Joe Bidens, physical ability, and cognitive abilities are un acceptable. Trumps Cognitive and physical abilities are second to none. You fkg hell bent age freaks need your cognivities,and physical abilities adjusted. Fk your feelings. I will put you idiot fks in your places. That is the problem, Democrats are just plain fkg stupid. And that my freinds is a Fact. Go fact check it if you please. You will eat your words as you recently do on a daily basis. Mayorkas and biden need to be picked up, arrested and held in jail for years. Stupid ass Democrat Demons is why we are in a fkg Mess anyway!!!

  • See more says:

    Trump brings in massive crowds wherever he goes. He’s one of the best president that I voted for.



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