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Watch: Trump and Milei Greet Each Other Like Old Friends Backstage at CPAC

Argentina President Javier Milei and former President Donald Trump warmly greeted each other Saturday afternoon while backstage at the 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., video footage showed.

The interaction between the two political figures — who have been vocal supporters of each other — appeared friendly and genial. During the encounter Milei could be seen coming up to Trump with arms opened as he yelled, “President!”

After shaking hands the two embraced each other in a hug, with Milei firmly patting Trump’s back before he could be heard joyfully declaring it was an “honor” for him to meet the former president. As “Y.M.C.A” by Village People played in the background for the crowd of conference attendees, the two could be heard exchanging compliments of each other’s work.

“I’m very happy. You are very generous to me. Thank you very much, it’s a very big pleasure [to meet you],” Milei stated.

“You are doing a great job. I’m very proud of you. MAGA! Make Argentina great again,” Trump stated as he look at Milei.

Milei and Trump continued to pose for pictures before the two leaders went back to exchanging praises. Towards the end of their meet-up, Milei could be heard predicting the next time he would see Trump he would be the 47th president of the United States.

“I hope so too,” Trump stated.

Milei, who is a libertarian politician and former Argentine economist, won the country’s presidential seat in November 2023, notably running against Argentina’s socialist policies. During his campaign, Milei promised to end the country’s rampant inflation and eliminate half of Argentina’s government agencies, as he often blames leftist policies as the reason for the country’s struggling economy and poverty.

Following Milei’s win, Trump took to social media in order to celebrate the country’s victory and announced he was “very proud” of the leader.

“I am very proud of you. You will turn your country around and truly make Argentina great again,” Trump stated.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    This guy is the president of a country? He looks creepy to me. Posterchild for Pedo of the Year.

  • TD says:

    Bet they can learn a lot from each other

  • JB says:

    You wouldn’t see that president doing that with Biden.

  • MyGeuss says:

    For the uneducated out there. These two men are Attempting to dismantle the Machine, not perpetrating with each other. Just two Great Men who knows what’s going on with the machine that needs fixed.



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