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Watch: Trans School Shooter Neutralized in Body-Cam Police Footage

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has released the body-worn camera footage of the heroic officers who took down 28-year-old transgender shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a former Covenant School student who went by the trans name “Aiden.”

In the six-minute video posted to YouTube, two points-of-view are compiled, showing the perspectives of Officer Rex Engelbert, a four-year MNPD veteran, and Officer Michael Collazo, a nine-year MNPD veteran, the officers credited with fatally shooting Hale.

“The kids are all locked down but we have two kids that we don’t know where they are,” a woman tells Engelbert arriving on the scene. She adds, “Upstairs are a bunch of kids,” where the active shooter is at the time. An alarm is blaring as the team of first responders clears each classroom. “Let’s go!” the cops shout before heading up the school stairwell, running toward the gunfire.

In the second-floor common area, a team of responding officers encounters Hale firing through a window at arriving police cars. “Reloading!” an officer yells when Engelbert pulls the trigger several times. Hale can be seen dropping to the ground, neutralized.

“Move! Move!” Collazo commands the other officers. He then shoots Hale, whose hands were still gripping the firearms. “Get your hand away from the gun!” an officer orders Hale. “Suspect down! Suspect down!” Collaza repeatedly shouts, disarming Hale.

A map and writings, including a “manifesto,” written by Hale revealed that her attack was “calculated and planned,” MNPD says. A search warrant executed at Hale’s home resulted in the seizure of a sawed-off shotgun, a second shotgun, and other evidence.

Three children were killed in the private Christian school shooting in addition to three faculty members: Evelyn Dieckhaus, William Kinney, and Hallie Scruggs, all age 9; Mike Hill, age 61, Cynthia Peak, age 61, and head of school Katherine Koonce, age 60.

In earlier footage released by MNPD, the armed trans militant, who attended the school years ago, arrived on campus in her Honda Fit. She was heavily armed with three guns and shot her way into the school through doors on the side of the building.

The surveillance video shows Hale stalking the school hallway, where the children’s ministry is located, looking for victims.

  • ron says:

    Why dont these Angry Cowards attack a Police Station, instead of schools with defensless kids ???

  • Not a Republican says:

    Read my lips all you trans idiots this trans who chose to go to this school and open fire on innocent people who had no clue about this shooter DID NOT DESERVE to die what she did was wrong and she knew it according to her manifesto this was one of several places she chose that makes what she did premeditated! Get over yourselves but remember this you do not have a right to our children take your trans ideology and stay away from OUR Children’s Schools! Laws are made to protect the innocent remember that!!! In my state we have these law too!



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