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Watch: Tesla Unveils Humanoid ‘Optimus’ Robot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the prototype of the Optimus, the company’s first humanoid robot that it intends to sell to the public.

Musk presented the robot during his display at Tesla’s AI Day on Friday. The bot runs on the company’s artificial intelligence software, which is used in Tesla vehicles for full self-driving and will be available for sale in the near future.

The prototype has been highly anticipated after Musk had a man in a suit appear at 2021’s AI Day as a stand-in for the construct.

The Optimus will be a “fundamental transformation for civilization as we know it,” Musk said while hyping up the robot during his speech.

Musk acknowledged the “guy in a suit” fiasco last year, in which the billionaire had a man in a spandex suit come out onto the stage and pretend to be an Optimus after its initial announcement. Musk promised something more impressive as the automaton walked out.

Two models of the robot were shared during Friday’s presentation. The first was a prototype model deconstructed and stripped of its exterior casing, and the second was a fully covered but nonoperational model.

While the robot can do more than what was shown, its stage appearance was the “first time it walked without a tether,” according to Musk.

Tesla also showed multiple clips of the robot performing various simple tasks, including picking up boxes and doing dance moves. The robot will also be adapted for future applications, Musk said, including cooking, gardening, and “sex partners.”

The robot is expected to sell for “probably less than $20,000,” according to Musk.

While Tesla fans are typically quite excited about products like the Optimus, Musk has a history of making audacious claims about his products and failing to follow through on them. For example, Musk has promised the release of the Cybertruck since 2019, only to continue postponing its inevitable release. The Cybertruck is currently expected to release in 2023.

  • John says:

    More of humanities sick Antichrist agenda of making demonic robots do the demon Democrats job of murdering Humanity, thinking that they’ll clear the conscience of the Demons scumbags in the Communist Democrat Party from actually having the fight and die themselves for their satanic communist pedophile Satan worshiping beliefs, when destroying and attacking our constitutional people and country, it’ll be interesting seeing how and when they use this for evil Against Humanity like everything they invent for their evil agenda, let’s see how creative we could become inventing and make swamps to led& let these demonic Democrat drones drown in mud puts ,we’ll see how effective they are at getting out.

  • Patriotchick says:

    Gee, what could go wrong? And it’s perfectly normal to have sex with a robot, right? Let’s hope it doesn’t cry afterward…haha.

    • Art LaPella says:

      If sex with robots becomes common it will radically change society in ways that are hard to predict now. Feminism is a byproduct of birth control, and widespread sex robots will have the opposite effect, sending women’s rights back centuries and beyond, with unpredictable effects on children.

    • Martin Infidal says:

      Maybe not normal, but it is an emerging market, a simple google search will show hundreds of websites selling sex machines to cater for a whole load of different clients.

  • Mike says:

    Sex partners? Musk is definitely going full retard.

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