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Watch: Tesla Flies Down the Road at Full Speed and Crashes – Brakes Allegedly Failed

Controversy has emerged in the aftermath of an accident in China in which a speeding Tesla was caught on camera zipping through the streets.

Two people were killed and three were hurt in the Nov. 5 incident in Chaozhou, according to Yahoo.

Video shows the Tesla clipping a bicyclist and slamming into a delivery vehicle before hitting a building.


The driver of the car, identified in local media only as Zhan, blames Tesla, claiming he tried to apply the brake but it would not engage.

“I felt the car was malfunctioning, so I pressed the park button, but it began to accelerate,” Zhan told the Dahe Daily.

“Suddenly, I was racing ahead, and I tried the brakes repeatedly. There were others on the road. A motorcycle was ahead of me, so I swerved the steering wheel.”

“After I lost control of the car, I immediately began searching for an obstacle to crash into,” he added. “I continued to try the brakes to see whether they would start working and stop the car. I was thinking about where to crash, but my reactions couldn’t keep up with the speed.”

Tesla pushed back on the allegations.

“The vehicle’s electronic throttle was depressed deeply for long periods and held at 100 percent for a time,” the company said in a statement. “There was no braking action during the whole process. Please also do not listen to rumors, and do not spread unconfirmed information.”

Tesla said its review of the videos of the car’s mad dash showed that the brake lights were never on.

Tesla said it will assist Chinese police in investigating the accident, according to Reuters.

“Police are currently seeking a third party appraisal agency to identify the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide any necessary assistance,” the company said in a statement.

Tesla told Reuters that allegations of brake failure in China are nothing new.

The company said a Chinese car owner was ordered by a court to publicly apologize and compensate Tesla after it was determined that comments he had made about a Tesla’s brakes were not factual and harmed the company’s reputation.

  • William Thon says:

    Looks more like the car got hacked!

  • Everyone knows chinese people are vehicle challenged.

  • John says:

    What’s even funnier is brain dead environmentalist wacko mentally ill new age morons going out there and buying these electric cars they should all drive through salt water and burn and be a human torch in there 80 to 150,000 dollar battery crap vehicles that pollute this Earth more with child labor lithium mines in full operation in their demonic Global communist slave driven countries, along with they’re exploiting child labor and permanent Environmental damage to our Earth only morons would buy an electric car and burn more energy charging it and destroying our environment any gasoline engine, thinking that they’re somehow good little Satanic demons following their corrupt communist Antichrist governments fake phony communist anti-American green deal with its unconstitutional and illegal mandates, normal people need to resist any forced mandate by a corrupted communist government and put these morons under arrest for violating our constitutional freedoms and rights, these are the brain-dead scumbags that want to raise your kids an indoctrinate him into their party of morons sexually perverted pedophiles and American hating communist , and tree huggers that do more damage to the Earth than their communist friends in China have done in the past 200 years

  • John says:

    So every scumbag corrupted communist government pushing these electric death machines and disasters for every death and every accident they cause these scumbags need to be driving and I’m hopefully they’ll kill themselves and save us the problem of doing it

  • Chia Hak Thye says:

    American-made products are dangerous to humans. First it was Boeing aeroplanes and now electric cars. What will be next?



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