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Watch: Ted Cruz Eviscerates Reporter for Suggesting Republicans Are to Blame for Border Crisis

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday fired back at a reporter who suggested that Republicans are to blame for the surge of illegal immigration at the border.

Following the end of Trump-era Title 42, tens of thousands of migrants are reportedly gathering near the southern border, hoping the Biden administration’s weak policies will allow them to enter the United States.

On Thursday, Cruz spoke at a press conference in Brownsville, Texas, during his visit to a Rio Grande Valley border detention center.

During the press conference, a reporter asked Cruz what Republicans have done to help President Biden fix the border crisis.

Cruz berated the reporter for asking a “ridiculous and silly” question.

“Let me ask you something, what rate of illegal immigration did we have in 2020? Do you know anything? I asked you a question,” Cruz stated to the journalist.

The reporter ignored Cruz’s questions and asked the senator how long he has been in office.

“I’ve been in office 11 years,” Cruz responded.

In a tense back and forth, the journalist then claimed that the crisis at the southern border had been going on for multiple administrations.

“You don’t get to argue with me, you asked your question, you asked your question, you wanna hold a press conference, you can do it over there,” the senator snapped back at the reporter.

“The talking point of the Democrats, which this media reporter happily parrots, is ‘gosh, the problem can’t be fixed.’ There’s one little problem with that; it is an utter and complete lie. In 2020, the last year of the Trump presidency, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years,” Cruz continued.

“You ask what I have done?” the senator asked the reporter. “I’ve championed the men and women of Border Patrol, I’ve championed securing the border, I’ve championed ‘Remain in Mexico,’ and we turned this problem around and solved it, and we went from Joe Biden inherited the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years, and the first day in office he made political decisions to cause this problem, and you should be ashamed of yourself because you’re a reporter and you’re not reporting facts. You’re telling people lies!”

Cruz went on the slam Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, for not knowing about the various colored wristbands worn by migrants who cross the border. The senator explained that the wristbands’ color corresponds with the amount of money the migrant owes the Mexican cartels.

“The fact that Mayorkas doesn’t even know what they are … If you stand on the banks of the Rio Grande River, as I have done many times, you see hundreds or thousands of these wristbands laying on the ground,” Cruz added. “That means he hasn’t talked to the Border Patrol agents either.”

The senator stated that the children who cross the border are flown by the Biden administration to various cities around the nation, where they are then forced to work for the cartels to pay off their debts.

“And if they don’t pay it off, [the cartels] will murder their families,” he continued.

Cruz then addressed how young girls are forced into sex trafficking, a tragedy that has been further exacerbated by the nation’s open border.

“And I’ll tell you, as bad as the boys have it, the girls have it worse. There are thousands upon thousands of teenage girls trapped in sex slavery,” he stated.

Cruz then slammed the corporate media for failing to report on the crisis.

“For those of you in the media who don’t report on that, you should be ashamed. This is evil!” Cruz declared. “And the reason you don’t see any Democrats here is they can’t defend this. They’re counting on the press not to cover it.”

  • Dr. Klopek says:

    BS – You are ALL responsible. All I hear is TALK and empty “hearings” from the GOP. The GOP could have stopped it, but they didn’t. Why not FIRE Mayorkas, Wray and a host of others if they’re not doing their jobs?? Biden is currently in VIOLATION of his Oath as well as the CONSTITUTION and everyone sits in silence. Governors of the border states could have stopped this, but did they? Hell, no. It’s high time WE THE SHEEPLE became WE THE PEOPLE again and took charge since our so called “leaders” won’t.

    Not to worry, though. Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan will be business as usual early Monday morning.

  • Dar says:

    Spo spot on senator you got it and we have to get something done about this weekend wait another year and a half for this stupid Administration to totally ruin America we have got to do something now I’m not sure what we can get done but I see Civil War if we don’t do something about it no w

  • Bravo Ted, the truth hurts, but they just din’t care. In a blue state they will let these people forage for themselves, meaning kill, rob, steal, rape, kidnap, and ever other type of crime. But we can’t protect ourselves, with a gun, and even a knife can’t beat their guns. So what are we to do? The Supreme Court said, We are allowed to protect ourselves with guns, and the asshole dems know that they will be shot by anybody that they wrong, JUSTICE!

  • A. Michaels says:

    It amazes me, how supposedly educated people (the left), can be so ‘effin stupid.



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