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Watch: Teacher Who Gave Sex Toys to Children Runs from Project Veritas

On Thursday, RedState reported on an undercover video taken by Project Veritas of a Chicago teacher who bragged about handing out sex toys to his students to play with during a lesson on “queer sex.”

As shown in the Project Veritas video, Joseph Bruno, the Dean of Students for Francis W. Parker school in Chicago, Illinois, can be seen on camera bragging he handed kids as young as 14 “dildos and butt-plugs.”

“The kids are just playing with them. They’re like, ‘How does this butt-plug work? How do we do – like, how does this work?’” he told the undercover reporter.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas followed up the sting video by attempting to confront Bruno in front of the school. As soon as O’Keefe identifies himself, Bruno begins running away into the safety of the school. O’Keefe is then forced out by school security to the sidewalk.

As he’s making his way to the sidewalk and off the property, he attempts to alert other teachers to what Bruno is doing but receives no reaction or comment from any of the other staff at the school.

As RedState reported, the Principal of the Chicago private school attempted to head off the damage by warning the student’s parents that Project Veritas was releasing a deceptive video in order to make them look bad, however, O’Keefe fired back that the video was not, in fact, used any deceptive editing at all and challenged the school to sue him for defamation if they truly believe he did.

Bruno running from O’Keefe doesn’t speak well for the teacher or the school. If he had done nothing wrong then Bruno would have stood his ground and spoken about it with his chest. However, when confronted with the world outside of the school’s bubble, he wordlessly retreats to safety.

  • Rose says:

    Home school your children

  • Sandy^ says:

    The spit thing was gross. The poor children that have to hear this crap everyday. It is not just in private schools, public schools like to teach what lube to use too.

  • Rick says:

    Not in my lifetime would I think society would become this absolutely disgusting, and perverted. Where as an actual school, would be grooming children with this sick perversion. This world has gone crazy.

  • Toadhall says:

    It’s war with these lgtbqueer folks. It’s way out of hand. They have become sexual predators. If a man has consensual sex with a 17 year old he goes to jail. If a teacher shows drag shows and passes around sex items to kids it’s ok?? Usa is jacked up. We are letting crazy people run things. Fuc lgbtq.



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