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Watch: Sen. Ted Cruz Taunted by Woke Anti-Gun Activist at Restaurant

Sen. Ted Cruz was just trying to enjoy a nice dinner out when a woke liberal felt he needed to confront Cruz with his unwanted opinion on gun control.

Following Cruz’s speech at the National Rifles Association convention in Houston, the senator was heckled by Benjamin Hernandez, a member of the activist group Indivisible.

Hernandez approached Cruz and taunted him for his stance on being an advocate for gun rights.

A video shows Hernandez getting right up in Cruz’s face in the middle of a restaurant full of diners, demanding Cruz to support gun control laws.

Hernandez can be heard saying “why did you come here to the convention?” He then became more loud and irate, yelling “Nineteen children died! Nineteen children died! That’s on your hands! That’s on your hands! Ted Cruz, that’s on your hands!”

Cruz tried to argue with Hernandez but struggled to speak over the man who was berating him with questions.

At one point Cruz said there are many laws he would support to curb gun violence, but not the ones proposed by Democrats.

According to witnesses, just before the altercation, Hernandez first went up to Cruz to ask for a photo, but then continued to make a scene.

Before security had to pull Hernandez away from the senator, he can be heard saying “We can make it harder for people to get guns in this country. You know that. You know that, but you stand here. You stand at the NRA convention… It is harder, it is harder when there are more guns to stop gun violence.”

During Cruz’s NRA speech, he vowed to protect the Second Amendment saying “taking guns away from these responsible Americans will not make them safer, nor will it make our nation more secure.”

  • NannyK says:

    The tolerant left is anything but, aren’t they? The simplicity of their minds is staggering! First one to jump up and scream against guns without thinking the whole thing through. The truth is, they don’t want to think it through. It would mean they have to THINK for themselves. They just sit back and wait for what the dementia riddled oaf in the WH has to say, then jump up and agree. The mentally ill leading the mentally ill. Pathetic!

  • Mad in the South says:

    Ted Cruz should have popped him right in the big mouth, I guarantee if the same idiot was under fire from a mental person with a gun he would welcome someone with a gun to step up and save his sorry butt, He shouts wanting gun control while most likely supports killing the innocent babies in the womb.. hypocrites.

  • Al Dee says:

    Besides many other memes that make it perfectly clear that gun-control is NOTHING about controlling violence – one I particularly like is:
    “Making American citizens and their families defenseless does not make you safe in any way from violence of any kind.”

  • Joanne Martin says:

    Why are these people not arrested? What was done to Sen Cruze by a crazy person should not be tolerated! We are too soft on this type of crime. Are we waiting for a legislator to be badly wounded or more?

    • Al Dee says:

      Good Question! Anyone confronting any Left-wing Socialist like this would have been arrested on the spot, and put away some where no one hears from them again — like they did with people on Jan 6th.



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