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Watch: Rashida Tlaib Staffer Accused of Assaulting Fox News Cameraman During Interview

A Fox News camera operator was jostled by an umbrella-toting aide to Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan Thursday on Capitol Hill.

The interaction was dubbed “Umbrellagate” by Fox News host Brett Baier, according to Fox News.

Or, as Fox News reporter Chad Pergram said, “an aide to Squad member Rashida Tlaib deployed an umbrella to block the sunlight of questions.”

Puns and jokes aside, on Thursday, House Speaker Mike Johnson said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would address a joint session of Congress, according to The Hill.

The announcement comes days after the International Criminal Court indicated it might seek to arrest Netanyahu on war crimes charges connected with Israel’s response to the massacre of its civilians by Hamas.

As shown in a video posted to X, Pergram sought comment on the invitation from Tlaib, who has publicly voiced her disdain for Netanyahu and her support for the Palestinian cause.

The video opens with Pergram asking Tlaib questions as an aide using an umbrella tried to block the camera operator.

“What happens if Netanyahu comes to speak?” Pergram said, dodging the umbrella-toting aide to move to the other side of Tlaib.

“Ms. Tlaib, what happens if Netanyahu comes to speak? Is that a mistake by the speaker to extend this request? What do you think of the Democratic leaders agreeing to that request as well?” Pergram said

The umbrella is closed as the camera moves to show Tlaib and Pergram.

“I don’t know, inviting a war criminal to Congress is a sham. It’s shameful,” Tlaib said.

As Tlaib talks, the aide tries again to block the camera operator. The aide opens the umbrella. The sound of contact can be heard before the camera operator momentarily loses control of the camera.

“He hit me with an umbrella,” the camera operator said.

“I did not hit you with an umbrella,” Tlaib’s staff member said.

“We have it on video, guys. He hit him with an umbrella,” Pergram said. “This is ridiculous. That’s assault.”

Tlaib and the aide continued walking into the Capitol.

Fox News said it contacted Tlaib’s office for comment but said none was received.

  • manny says:

    Why isn’t this terrorist enabler who has no business in our American Congress not being censored? She is clearly a hater of America and should be sent back to her terrorist homeland in the Middle East. Along with her send the rest of the squad. See how they would be treated in ragmop land.

  • A. Michaels says:

    I really do hate that cretin Talib. She is as useless as they come, right along with the rest of the SQUAT!

  • Don says:

    Maybe if someone beat Tlaib over the head with the umbrella and then shoved it up he aide’s ass they could get a better interview.
    She is pure sandbox trash.

  • Muthaphucka says:

    Next liberal that gets in my face is going to get an umbrella stuffed so far up their ass, their eyes will bulge out of it’s sockets!
    Enough of this shit. Time for action!

  • Russ says:

    Pergram has always sided with the democrats and now he has seen how much they respect him. Wise up.



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