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Watch: Rashida Tlaib Confronted About Hamas Chopping Off Babies’ Heads

On Saturday Hamas terrorists killed over 900 Jews, injured thousands, and kidnapped an unknown number of Jews and foreigners.

At least 14 Americans died in the Islamist attack. 20 Americans are still missing.

12-year-old Erez Calderon was kidnapped by Hamas and taken to Gaza.

This was the largest mass murder of Jews in one day since the Holocaust in World War II.

After several hours of silence, Jew-hating Democrat Rashida Tlaib released a statement and blamed Israel for the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust.

As classy as ever – what a sick, sick woman.

Rashida Tlaib is such a radical that Israel banned her and Ilhan Omar from a planned propaganda tour in their country.

On Tuesday FOX News reporter Jacqui Heinrich confronted Rashida Tlaib and asked her if she would comment on Hamas terrorists chopping off babies’ heads.

Rashida refused to answer.

She would not even condemn that barbaric act.

  • Roger Thibault says:

    Why is America tolerating this woman Democrat Rashida Tlaib? Pray the rosary to defeat the devil and his minions? Pray the rosary to help usher in the coming reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

  • Sick of squad stupidity says:

    Tlaib no need for you to be in America if you hates American?
    Just go back to Gaza and be law makers their? Are you really interested being in the USA? Your actions seemed fit what your heart desires…

  • jimvba says:

    She’s a terrorist herself of course she condones it! The worthless, useless Dems voted for this Arab bitch!!! She needs a bullet right between the eyes Aaa

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