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Watch: Protester Erupts at Biden Event: ‘You’re a Dictator, Genocide Joe!’

President Biden was interrupted by a protester who labeled him as “genocide Joe” while he was speaking in Georgia on Saturday.

Biden’s speech at Pullman Yards, Atlanta failed to draw much of a crowd, as just a handful of people were seen waiting outside the event venue. Newsmax correspondent Addison Smith shared pictures of the sparsely filled room and reported that the entire outside viewing area was empty.

In one photo, less than 10 people could be seen waiting in line.

Just minutes after the president began his remarks, he was interrupted by a pro-Palestine protester in the front row. “You’re a dictator, genocide Joe!” the man shouted while pointing at Biden, causing the president to put his hands up. “Tens of thousands of Palestinian children are dying,” the man continued before being drowned out by the small contingent of Biden supporters and donors.

He was eventually dragged out of the event by Secret Service personnel as the small crowd chanted “four more years.”

President Biden has been repeatedly interrupted by pro-Palestine protesters due to his inability to negotiate a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict, as well as his administration’s continued support of Israel.

Ahead of Thursday’s State of The Union address, a large group of protesters blocked the streets outside the Capitol Building. Demonstrators held banners accusing the president of enabling genocide and chanted “ceasefire now,” ultimately making the president late for what could have been his final State of The Union address.

In addition to the most recent incidents, pro=Palestine protesters have breached White House gates on numerous occasions, turned up outside campaign events in numerous cities and have also demonstrated outside the president’s Delaware home.

The conflict has presented a number of headaches for the president, as a significant portion of the progressive base has accused him of enabling genocide for providing the Israeli government with military and humanitarian assistance. In Michigan, more than 100,000 Democrats voted “uncommitted” in order to send a message to the former president.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib — who played a leading role in organizing the effort — has not committed to supporting President Biden in November.

  • Rick says:

    I thought he dropped aid packages on these people? Literally.

  • Morbius says:

    Biden’s speech at Pullman Yards, Atlanta failed to draw much of a crowd,

    That was always the same story in 2020 – nobody ever showed up for Biden events

  • TD says:

    They are saying 4 more years, Those have to be some real fucked up people, They can’t be all there or somebody payed the idiots to say it

  • steve says:

    That was great. I can Not believe that there was that many Obiden supporters, Wow they were Brain dead or high to support that American Hating POS. Oh maybe they were all promised free stuff to attend. Or freeloaders of America, must like paying higher prices on Every thing since joet took Office.



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