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Watch: Outrage in Spain as Children Paraded Around in Lingerie for ‘Pride’

Video has emerged online of young children taking part in a parade in Spain wearing burlesque style lingerie, nipple shields, and wigs, with rainbow ‘Pride’ flags attached to their backs.

The footage, taken at an annual carnival in Torrevieja, a city in southern Spain dubbed the ‘unofficial gay capital’ of the country, shows the so called ‘Osadía troupe’ marching with several children who look around 9 or 10 years of age and younger.

In addition to the erotic skimpy garter belts and stockings, the children have had black tape “Xs” placed over their nipples, and have had full makeup applied to their faces.

The video shows the children being instructed to mimick adults performing provocative gyrating gestures through the streets of the Alicante town in front of onlooking adult bystanders and other children.

In one video, a woman is seen putting something, presumably sweets, into the mouths of the children as they move around.

Some of those who posted the footage noted that the titled of the ‘performance’ was “Prometer hasta meter” which translates to “promise until you commit.”

Other videos highlighted adults wearing the same outfits and performing the same routine:

One respondent writing in Spanish noted “Spain. Children dressed as sex objects parade to the delight of local pedophiles. Progressivism they call it.”

Others called for arrests:

This is not an isolated incident. Children are being subjected to overtly sexual activity at Pride events everywhere.

  • Arthur Kelly Jr says:

    Wouldnt biden have a feast there! This is the vision for the US in the closest future that can be brought to bear. May ALL who find pleasure in this display come to repent and turn from this most heinous of things of man. These babies stand zero chance of a normal childhood experience and those who would exploit them could care less. May God come soon.

  • Carrol says:

    Whom ever put the event on & the officials needs to be jailed, this is really out of hand. Shame on them for exploiting children. I don’t know enough cuss words for this abomination

  • Russell says:

    Pay attention to what your children are being exposed to in our public schools, and in our public libraries. This nonsense has been going on for some time.

    I encourage all who can, to homeschool their children. In today’s “progressive” and corrupt environment, it is the safest way. Go to the library as well. Look in the kids section. You may very well be shocked at what you find! I was, and now am a regular attendee of our local library system board meetings. I even have written a few book reports on some of the crap that I found. They now have been moved from the kids sections to the adult section I think. I would prefer they be removed altogether, but even perverts have a right to the 1st Amendment!

    They don’t have a right to expose our little kids to this crap, however!

    If your library index is online, go look for “Gender Queer’ or “Not My Idea.” They are created for 5-8-year -kids, and they are written in comic book format, I bet you find them in the kids section! Those are just the last two titles I remember doing a book report on. There are more of them. Many more! Start paying attention! Stop by your library, thumb through the kids section. You likely will be stunned.

    One of the things my wife did was sit down with each one of our children for about 10 minutes EVERY day, and just ask questions about their day in school — and then listened. I think the kids enjoyed the time, and we learned a lot. On occasion, I wound up at the school, asking for an explanation of the crap they were pushing on OUR children. Because she listened, we learned what was happening, and several times as a result of her taking the time to listen, we managed to shut down considerable nonsense. She was a wise, wise, lady!

  • Frustrated says:

    Any parent that allows or pushes their child to do this disgusting thing deserves to be barren for life and never again be allowed near a child. This is disheartening and makes me want to throw up.

  • Pam R. says:

    The UN agenda. They want toddlers masturbating, and by 9 for the kids to have sex with the same gender. They want to break down all the barriers and they’re already testing this and some of the European countries.

    They (NWO sickos) want to normalize pedophilia. Of course it’s gone from racism to accepting drag queen story time to accepting the sexualization of children and it’s not going to stop there.

    They’re going to identify as a baby and rape your kids and then call you a homophobe if you protest. This must stop now.



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