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Watch: NBC Reporter Stunned by Support for Trump from Black and Latino Voters

Dasha Burns of NBC News was at the Trump rally in the Bronx and spoke to black and Latino voters about why they were there and why they supported Trump.

She appeared on one of the network’s morning shows today to report her findings and she seemed surprised that the support for Trump that she witnessed at the event was completely genuine.

She noted that many of the people in attendance were immigrants who are angry about the open border and New York City’s giveaways to illegals.

FOX News reports:

Black, Latino Trump supporters at Bronx rally shut down reporter asking about his ‘racist’ rhetoric

NBC News reporter Dasha Burns said that several Black and Latino Trump supporters shut her down when she attempted to confront them on the former president’s “racist” rhetoric on Thursday.

Burns appeared on MSNBC on Friday to talk about her coverage of Trump’s massive rally the previous day in deep-blue Bronx, New York. The reporter recalled that the Black and Latino Trump supporters she spoke to on the scene had completely bought into Trump’s anti-illegal immigration and economic policies, even if he had said “racist” and “bigoted” things in the past.

“They are just so focused on what their lives are like right now, what they can feel tangibly, that when I push back with those comments, they shut that down,” Burns told MSNBC host Ana Cabrera, commenting that these voters don’t care about Trump’s rhetoric compared to his policies…

“Well, this might sound a little counterintuitive, but I did talk to folks in that crowd who themselves were immigrants,” she said. “A lot of people that I talked to were born and raised in the Bronx. For some of them, this was their first ever Trump event. And when you talk to immigrants that are going to these Trump rallies, they agree with his message on immigration.”

Watch the video below:

  • bob Y says:

    the reporter is surprised by the truth says alot about her integrity and her leftest byass.

  • RANDIE says:

    Minorities are sick of being used and taking advantage of for votes. They are waking up to the nothing that Demon Rats have given them. Voting for Trump!



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