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Watch: ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Star Walks Off ‘The View’ in Protest

Dermot Mulroney walked off set in the middle of an interview on The View in solidarity with the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America strike.

The 59-year-old Friends actor departed the panel in a pre-recorded segment that aired on Friday, but politely informed the hosts of his plan beforehand so they could cut to a commercial break.

After discussing his Disney+ series Secret Invasion — which premiered the debut episode on Wednesday — the My Best Friend’s Wedding star explained that he was going to ‘symbolically walk off in support of the writers’, according to Variety.

Before exiting the stage, the Shameless vet — who was spotted enjoying a cricket match in Australia with Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney, 25, earlier this year — ‘remained professional’ and thanked the hosts before exiting the stage.

Before walking off mid-interview, Mulroney and the hosts had a ‘friendly’ chat about the superhero action series, his previous roles, his family, and his longstanding career in Hollywood.

Then, he asked daytime talk show host Joy Behar if they were prepared to cut to a commercial break.

When it was confirmed, he took off and Behar even plugged his new show.

After the grand gesture, he reportedly returned to take photos with the hosts during the commercial break.

Although the segment was pre-taped, the episode aired as recorded and his symbolic walk-off clip was not edited out.

Mulroney even shared a statement to the publication and explained his intention.

‘Since I have such respect for The View, a news program with a heart, it was there that I felt comfortable enough to draw attention to the ongoing WGA strike for fair wages and working hours, as I find it incredibly important to continue to support the union,’ he wrote.

The View is one of many daytime shows that have been affected by the strike.

A majority of the staffers are not union members; thus the show has remained on air throughout the duration of the ongoing strike.

Since the WGA strike began earlier this year, a resolution has still not been reached and the protest is continuing over 50-days-strong.

Mulroney’s latest project — Marvel’ Secret Invasion — premiered on streaming service Disney+ on Wednesday.

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    Oh. So it was a stunt. I’m so impressed.

    I would like to see more writer’s strikes. This would mean less trash coming out of California’s bunghole.

  • cathy says:

    You may call yourself the Truth press but yourself serving “lead ins” have caused this reader to fall by the way side. BYE BYE

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