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Watch: Mother Pushes ‘They/Them’ Pronouns on 15-Month-Old Baby at Gay Pride Event

A video posted by the New Yorker which is going viral on X shows a mother asking people to refer to her 15 month old baby as a ‘they/them’.

Yes, really.

The baby is wearing a frilly pink, yellow and blue dress as the mother walks it through the pride parade.

“How old is she?” asks another person.

“They are 15 months old,” the mother responds, adding, “We actually use them/them pronouns until they tell us who they are.”

The mother then explains how, “We are pulling apart this idea of sex which is related to genitals and gender which is related to how you move in the world, so what you wear, how you share your identity with other people, all of those things are related to gender.

Respondents on X accused the mother of using her baby as a prop for her own demented political ideology.

As we previously highlighted, under new rules introduced by the Biden administration, foster parents will be forced to “affirm” the gender identity of children in their care or risk being refused permission to become foster parents in the first place.

  • Dipsy Doodle says:

    Maybe,when the kid gets old enough it will kill the parents for making its life he’ll.

    One can hope.

  • cj says:

    Sick twisted world now they all want atten,and cult like bull shit is celebrated by Biden and commies.e We keep letting this happen.Those new kids will never have a chance.Being mental is now no big deal seems it is a right of passage and it is not it is sickness. They are locking up parents for not letting this happen but letting fked up parents to do this to thier kids .Take away all medical and all welfare and all free shit you are giving these sickos to do this.

  • tressa says:

    Thought the job of the parent was to ensure that the child does well and is raised to be a kind child. Not to ensure that the child turns out sick and twisted minded.



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