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Watch: Moment Man Takes on 4 Suspected Carjackers and Wins

A man in Connecticut traded blows with multiple people who were attempting a brazen broad-daylight carjacking on April 10.

Police are searching for the four suspects captured on camera attempting to steal a car parked in a residential driveway in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

The homeowner’s Ring video surveillance system captured the entire incident, and police released the video as they seek to identify the suspects.

Video of the crime shows a lone carjacker approach and enter a red Infiniti parked on Valley View Drive. The owner, rushing out of the house, confronts the suspect and pulls him out of the car by force.

Footage captures the two struggling before breaking apart — the suspect then charges the owner and the two begin grappling once again.

The suspect was eventually joined by three other suspects, two of which tried to strike the victim’s face while he was restrained. The fourth suspect stood by and watched the incident unfold.

The assault ended when another individual inside the house yells out that they are calling the police, inspiring the gang of four suspects to flee in a black Mercedes.

A neighbor told NBC Connecticut, “It’s so close to home. It’s really frustrating,” a neighbor said.

“This incident is still being investigated by the Rocky Hill Police Department Detective Division,” Rocky Hill Police Department said. “If anyone has any information regarding this incident is asked to contact Detective Matthew Seguin at 860-258-2047 or at [email protected]”]

Police noted that the man’s intervention in the attempted carjacking could have gone terribly wrong.

“Thank God that he wasn’t seriously hurt,” Rocky Hill Police Sgt. Jeffrey Foss-Rugan said, according to NBC Connecticut. “We’re seeing a lot of these incidents throughout the state and the country that people are intervening, and the suspect may have a weapon.”

  • This is the reason why we should be able to have a weapon to protect our home and family! But, I am sure if the car owner had a weapon and shot and injured or killed the high jacker, then he would of been put in jail for murder. Such a messed up world! Wake up people!!! Don’t wait for it to happen to you and your family! Open your eyes, get rid of the Woke, and far left this next election!!!

  • Grant says:

    What a shame he didn’t have a gun and shoot all four of the worthless scum in the face.

  • Stephen says:

    I applaud the man for what he did,but,Chuck Norris he is not. These were just some punk little teenagers. You could not hold on to the guys leg at the very end? Did you ever play football? People,we live in very dangerous times. Hit the gym and start training!! Carry some type of weapon with you at all times. These punks look like they just came out of Mommy’s and Daddy’s basement after a game of Mobile Legends!!

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