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WATCH: KC Chiefs’ Entire Team Laughs at Biden as He Struggles to Put on Football Helmet

President Joe Biden, hosting the Kansas City Chiefs for their Super Bowl victory celebration at the White House, found himself the center of attention on Friday for an unexpected reason: struggling to don a football helmet.

The Chiefs, fresh off securing their second consecutive Super Bowl title, were welcomed with the usual fanfare and ceremonial gravitas that accompanies such prestigious visits. However, the atmosphere quickly shifted when President Biden, in a gesture of good sportsmanship and camaraderie, attempted to put on a Chiefs helmet presented to him by the team.

High-profile players like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce couldn’t help but chuckle as the President jostled with the helmet. The scene showed Biden laughing along, though the scene buzzed with a mix of amusement and awkwardness.


The moment comes on the heels of kicker Harrison Butker’s recent public criticism of Biden. Butker, who spoke out against the President during a commencement address at Benedictine College, was among the dozens of players present.

The incident marked a rare break from the unspoken political protocol of avoiding potentially embarrassing photo ops with headwear. Historical moments, like Michael Dukakis’s 1988 tank helmet debacle, serve as cautionary tales.

Despite the momentary diversion, the visit proceeded with the President commending the Chiefs for their resilience and achievements on and off the field, especially after missing their 2020 White House visit due to the pandemic.


  • Morbius says:

    Joetato has claimed many times that he was a star football player in college – now he can’t even put a helmet on his meat head? One more bullshit story shot down. There are hundreds of these lies – he has never even been able to keep up with his own nonsense.

  • FedUp says:

    I can hear him now…

    “During my tenure as a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, I…..”

  • Rick says:

    This is a bit different than the hockey helmet they make him wear when he’s off camera.



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