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Watch: Justice Alito Neighbor at Center of Upside Down Flag Dispute Tells on Herself in CNN Interview

We are quickly approaching the one-month anniversary of the New York Times upside-down flag hit piece against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, and not surprisingly, the MSM is still trying to milk this non-story for all they think it is worth.

As we reported, a series of Times articles on the Alitos’ flag-flying activity have sought to call the impartiality (and credibility) of Justice Alito into question. In their view, due to the alleged Jan. 6th symbolism of the flags in question (including the “Appeal to Heaven” flag once flown at their beach house), Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann – who the Justice describes as a flag aficionado – is sympathetic to the beliefs of the Capitol rioters.

As such, the Times and their experts assert that her alleged beliefs have compromised Justice Alito’s ability to impartially judge cases related to Jan. 6 and the 2020 presidential election.

At the center of the dispute over the particulars of the inverted flag nontroversy is a woke now-former neighbor of the Alitos who the MSM is treating with the same amount of reverence they once bestowed upon Christine Blasey-Ford.

The woman’s name is Emily Baden, who along with the media’s help is trying to emphasize the point that there is a supposed “inconsistency” in Justice Alito’s timeline of events regarding their interactions with Ms. Baden and her then-boyfriend in late 2020/early 2021 to suggest that the alleged inconsistency is a Big Deal and proves that Alito is ethically compromised.

The “inconsistency” is that the incident involving Baden calling Mrs. Alito the c-word did not happen until three or so weeks after Mrs. Alito had flown the flag in an inverted manner. Justice Alito had referenced that as one of the catalysts behind his wife “briefly” flying the flag upside down outside their Virginia home.

Baden appeared on CNN Wednesday, where anchor Erin Burnett lovingly and gently interviewed her to get her version of what allegedly happened. But it was once again Ms. Baden who told on herself with the claims made in what was billed as her “first” TV interview:

BURNETT: “… so I want to ask you about one other thing. Around this time, the Alito security detail started doing something that you perceived as threatening. They have a security detail and something specific happened. What was it?

BADEN: Yeah. So they have a security detail that parks in front of their house or like in front of the house across the street from them. We are four or five houses away, and sometimes that detail would be in front of our house, which — you know, obviously, I can’t say for sure. I don’t know what their motivation was.

But we did take it as intimidating, especially when that same car reappeared in front of our house the day “The New York Times” article came out. And I don’t know what else were supposed to get from that.


Okay, let me break this down a bit.

Baden is saying that the Alitos’ security detail at one point parked in front of her mom’s house, which they were staying in at the time, as the dispute was playing out in early 2021. This was a rather important yet suspiciously convenient detail that was mysteriously not told to the New York Times during the interview she did with them a few weeks ago.

And yet according to more recent comments reported on by The Guardian and now CNN, Baden “now recalls” the security detail allegedly showing up in front of the house at various points in early 2021.

Considering she supposedly kept receipts of everything that happened, why is she just now remembering something with that level of importance? I mean a Supreme Court Justice’s security detail showing up and lingering in front of my house is not something I would be likely to ever forget.

Also, Baden said the security detail “reappeared” in front of their home after the NY Times piece was published, yet they don’t live with her mother in the Alito neighborhood anymore. I would take “reappear” to mean showing up at the same house again, not the one the Badens live in now. So why would the Alito security team show up again in front of the home the Badens once lived in considering they admittedly no longer live there? That makes no sense.

Further, left out of CNN’s interview with Baden is the fact that she admitted in the New York Times piece that at one point she and her then-boyfriend drove by the Alitos’ home to try and see what they were up to:

The inauguration of President Biden, held three days later, was attended by six Supreme Court justices. Justice Alito and two others skipped it out of concerns about Covid, a court spokeswoman said at the time. That day, Ms. Baden and her then-boyfriend decided to drive past the Alito home. “There was a part of me that’s like, let’s see what’s going on,” Ms. Baden said.

And in the now infamous incident involving Baden calling Mrs. Alito the c-word, it was the Badens who shortly after called the police on the Alitos (the police told them “It’s very hard for us to come into a situation like this after it’s already settled.”).

Are we detecting a pattern here yet? Critical details from the Badens like the alleged security detail are suddenly being “remembered” so as to portray the Alitos as people who are not just J6 sympathizers (supposedly) but who have also abused their power to intimidate a mild-mannered progressive who we’re supposed to believe was just harmlessly exercising her First Amendment rights in repeatedly trying to goad the Alitos.

And yet the only documentation we have of someone driving past anyone’s home to snoop is the Badens, who admitted to the Times that they did that. Also, the only documented case we have where the authorities were called in to settle a heated dispute came not from the Alitos but from the Badens.

Plus, it’s been over three years since this dispute, and presumably, the Badens have gone on about their lives during that timeframe free from any threats or intimidation tactics – because surely we’d have heard if they had run into any issues way before this point, right?

I think we’ve figured out the inconsistent person in this story, and it’s not Justice Alito.

  • LB says:

    It’s not illegal but “as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” If she felt threatened by this B then she can do that. If you can burn the flag with no repercussions then someone sure the hell can fly it upside down.



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