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Watch: Jill Biden Snaps on ‘The View,’ Says ‘We Will Lose All Our Rights’ in Rant

It appears the stress of puppeteering her dementia-ridden husband’s failing campaign has finally gotten the better of first lady Jill Biden.

Until now she has attempted to appear calm and unruffled in public despite the undoubted chaos behind the scenes of the Biden administration, but Mrs. Biden appeared to completely snap during what should have been a softball appearance on “The View” on Wednesday.

Taking her place among those illustrious ladies the day after the Biden campaign’s disastrous news conference outside the courthouse housing Donald Trump’s current trial, Biden made all sorts of dire claims that made Robert De Niro’s hysterical speech look downright mundane in comparison.

According to Deadline, Trump’s trial did not come up in the interview (at least not explicitly), but that didn’t stop the first lady from proudly parading her crippling Trump Derangement Syndrome.

She first claimed that the age of her geriatric husband did not matter, insisting, “This election is not about age. This is about character. You have to believe [Trump], when he uses words like ‘dictator,’ ‘bloodbath,’ ‘third term,’ ‘violence.’ We’ve seen it, so when he says these words, believe him. Don’t think this isn’t going to happen.”

This, despite the fact the Trump was president for four years, and none of those dire predictions ever came to pass.

Indeed, the first lady’s capacity for delusion seemed to only increase as she kept talking, dismissing her husband’s disastrous poll numbers: “Those polls are going to turn” because “Americans are going to choose good over evil.”

Lest anyone forgot, the man she propped up as the champion of “good” has been credibly accused of illegal influence-peddling schemes, pedophilia, and general political corruption.

But Trump was evil, because mean tweets were apparently equivalent to a banana republic.

The first lady’s most unhinged declaration, however, came in a short clip now making the rounds on the social media platform X.

As seen in a clip of the interview shared to X by RNC Research, Biden had the audacity to proclaim, “Can you imagine if we put anymore Republicans on the Supreme Court?”

“No,” Sunny Hostin dutifully responded.

Biden then answered her own question, saying, “No! We will lose all of our rights.”

Astoundingly, Biden’s declaration was so utterly baffling, so far outside the realm of credibility, she might have topped her infamous gaffe where she compared Hispanic citizens of San Antonio to “breakfast tacos,” as Politico reported in July 2022.

A gaffe so bad, that the first lady was later forced to apologize for it, after the National Association of Hispanic Journalists posted on X, “We are not tacos.”

It’s almost as if, anytime the first lady has opened her mouth, she’s let something idiotic slip out.

How would having more Republican justices on the Supreme Court deprive each and every citizen of their Constitutional rights?

The Court overturned Roe v. Wade because it was bad law, not because the Republican justices wanted to turn the U.S. into a real life version of “The Handmaid’s Tale” (to cite the left’s favorite mediocre dystopian world).

If anything, the marked presence of conservatism on the Supreme Court has prevented the U.S. from falling apart, by upholding the rule of law and not letting the president use it as backdoor legislation.

For someone whose husband has been in politics since before they were even married, Biden, in this appearance, seemed shockingly ignorant of how the American legal system actually works.

Or, more likely, she, as well as the rest of the Democratic Party, simply didn’t care.

With as poorly as Joe Biden has been doing in the polls, the Biden campaign is ready to spout any unfounded conspiracy theory if they think it will get them votes.

No matter how laughably ridiculous those conspiracy theories are.

  • k says:

    “NEVER “in my lifetime & yes, it’s been a long hard road living hand to mouth, (working 2 jobs & retirement is just as bleak) have I ever seen my country & home look like a shithole from hell & to think 81 million “VOTED” for this because of “MEAN” tweets amongst other things.

    America was struggling w/ Trump (TRYING TO UNDO THE DAMAGE OBAMA DID FOR THE PAST 8 YRS.) especially when the “MARXIST ELITE” players decided to use “COVID” as a “WEAPON” against America & add that to what is going on of now along w/ J6~ this is too much of a “COINCIDENCE” to “NOT” believe this was “PLANNED” by design…

    The scary part, dare I say it~ what “N3XT” will be used against “AMERICA” as well as “WE” the people??

    GOD have mercy upon America & We the people, cause as I see it “WE” the people have “NO” future & “IF” we do have a future it’s going to be a very bumpy ride especially for our children & grandchildren!!!

  • William da mystical bed wetter says:

    Proof positive too much drugs and too much free sex does burn the brain out. She is the ultimate burn-out.

  • Dorothy says:

    This sick woman has the nerve to go on the view with her lies. We have lost our rights and many more horrible disasters because of your feeble husband and whoever is behind him. This woman disgusts me because she wants to remain first lady. She is a disgrace to our country.Going on the “View” is a last desperate attempt because those woman have the same mentality,



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