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WATCH: Jesse Watters Schools Jessica Tarlov During Chaotic Exchange on Trump Verdict

Jesse Watters delivered an exhaustive summary of Letitia James’ shortcomings as New York attorney general after being challenged by a fellow “The Five” host to defend former President Donald Trump in the wake of the $350 million real estate judgment against him.

The Fox News anchor joined Greg Gutfeld in piling on Jessica Tarlov over her litany of reasons for why voters shouldn’t trust Trump, including claims his company inflated the value of its assets to improve business negotiations, “sexually assaulting women,” and “storing classified documents in the toilet.”

“With respect, Jessica, you know nothing about real estate valuations, real estate development, or the IRS, or getting loans from big banks to develop skylines in New York City,” he started.

“Donald Trump did more for New York City than a thousand Letitia Jameses,” listing her numerous political crusades against others like former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the National Rifle Association while ignoring the plight of city residents and allowing the Manhattan district attorney to prosecute bodega owners who defend themselves against criminals.

“She’s done nothing on street crime, nothing on real white collar crime, and then her phony friend Alvin Bragg, if you’re just trying to defend yourself working at a bodega or on the subway he goes after you. That’s why 160 businesses have left New York. That’s why almost a million New Yorkers have left.”


Tarlov, the show’s liberal stand-in, frequently spars with Gutfeld who feels no shame in defending Trump. Earlier this month, the two tangled on the guilt of President Trump in a defamation trial by E. Jean Carroll who claimed she was raped by Trump and won an $83.3 million judgment. Once again, Tarlov was chided by Watters and former judge Jeanine Pirro for conflating a civil judgment with a criminal one.

“Yes, he was! He was by a jury,” Tarlov shouted about Trump’s guilt. “Oh it’s a civil, that means it doesn’t count?”

“It means it’s not a guilty verdict,” Pirro replied.

“It’s always nice to bring something up that has nothing to do with the topic,” Gutfeld laughed.

“It does! He said the campaign strategy…” Tarlov started before Jesse Watters raised his finger and told her to “stop interrupting everybody.”


Speaking at a South Carolina town hall Tuesday night, President Trump told a rapt audience “my revenge will be success,” an insinuation that the various civil and criminal trials against him would pale in comparison to his second term in the White House. The Biden Justice Department is racing to complete two criminal trials against him, warning judges in both cases that Trump would exonerate himself if elected.

  • Buster Hyman says:

    Why isn’t she on The View?
    I had to stop watching The Five because of Geraldo and from all the comments on FB I’d better not start again because this bitch sounds like Geraldo on steroids. Comments on FB indicate I’m not the only one. I love Judge Pirro, Jesse and Greg but I detest loudmouth assholes.

  • Jerry Fares says:

    Jessica Tarlov is why I WILL NOT WATCH THE ‘FIVE’ why? to want to grab her fucking neck through my TV Screen! FAIR and BALANCE w FOX is LONG GONE, a thing of the past! we need and WANT 100% TRUMP Support on FOX, or join the MSNBC crowd!

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    Tarlov plays a role to make you think all this is arguing valid points. She should know those courtroom assaults are theater for people like her to maintain misinformation.



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