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Watch: Illegal Immigrant Threatens Journalist Reporting on Border Crisis in Viral Video

An illegal immigrant allegedly threatened a citizen journalist on Saturday who was reporting on the illegal immigrant crisis at the US-Mexico border, telling the videographer “Soon, you’re gonna know who I am.

The incident occurred near the border near Sasabe, Arizona.

A videographer with 1st Responders Media uploaded video footage of the altercation to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“A migrant who illegally crossed into the United States threatened me, saying ‘You find out who I am very soon,’ simply because I asked him where he was from. These are the people @AliMayorkas @POTUS @DHSgov and @CBP are letting in,” the outlet wrote on X.

In the video, the reporter asks which country the illegal immigrant came from.


The illegal immigrant responded, “If you are smart enough you will know who I am. But you really aren’t smart enough to know who I am. But soon you’re gonna know who I am. Very soon.”

The reporter can be heard on video saying behind the camera, “Wow. The entitlement.”

The illegal immigrant, who is standing among a group of other individuals who had just enetered the US illegally, then proceeds to walk away, video shows.

This comes following heightened concerns about the lack of a real vetting process for illegal immigrants coming across the US-Mexico border. Many have speculated that terror cells could be coming into the US as many young men have made the crossing without families. Since Biden took office in 2021, some 7-10 million illegal immigrants have crossed, been apprehended, and released into the interior.

Apprehensions of people who are on the terrorist watch list are nearly double last year’s record total.

According to the CBP data, 172 non-citizens who were on the terrorist watchlist were apprehended at the border, which was an increase from 2022’s record year of 98. Before 2021, the highest number was six in 2018.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has vowed to make border security a top priority if he were to take back the White House in 2025.

  • Outnumbered says:

    Now, does ANYONE dispute that HAMAS and other Middle East terrorist groups are forming up into sleeper cells accross our country? Last week we saw Palistinian groups at our Capital trying to tear down the fence and attack the Whitehouse. But NO, THAT WAS NOT AN INSURRECTION and NO ONE WAS ARRESTED.

    I cannot believe what I am witnessing in my own community. I live in a resort community with a population of approximatly 40,000 and we have been inundated with thousands of illegals including Middle-easterner and African middle-aged (military age) men. Our government is giving them free housing and an abundance of cash money to live on. They have literally taken over hotels and some condos and where police are afraid to respond to 911’s.

    The community is obviously preparing for the worst.

  • Jon says:

    That’s a middle eastern accent.

    We have these invading fighting age males being allowed into the UK.
    Get ready to fight because that’s where this is heading.

  • Muthafucka says:

    I’m ready to make disappear any illegal that shows up in my community!

    Not a threat, but a promise!

  • Mike from Missouri. says:

    I would have shot that motherfucking goat fucker right then and there. One between the eyes, then posed with him and sent the picture to Biden, himself!



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