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Watch: Hillary Clinton Confronted by Protesters Outside of Glitzy Biden Fundraiser on Broadway

Former first lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was confronted by pro-Palestinian protestors outside a fundraiser for President Biden on Wednesday.

Protestors stood outside as Hillary got in her car to leave the event, screaming at the former Secretary of State. One protestor yelled that she was “responsible for atrocities” taking place in Palestine. Another protestor was heard calling former President Bill Clinton a “genocide supporter.” Another protestor was heard calling former President Bill Clinton a “genocide supporter.”

Clinton and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is known for his role in the Broadway musical Hamilton, hosted a fundraiser for the president on Wednesday at a preview of a play called “Suffs” about suffragists, a play that Hillary is producing.

According to the New York Post, Former President Bill Clinton was also present and was overheard heaping praise on cast member Grace McLean backstage.

A source told the Post that Hillary is “very active” behind the scenes and “has been involved in this process every step of the way.”

“She was at the very first rehearsal. She speaks to the cast. She’s loving the process. She walks in the room and she’s glowing,” the source said.

A few weeks ago, Hillary was very emotional when she attended the first rehearsal with the cast and orchestra performing together.

The music for the show was written by singer-songwriter Shaina Taub, whom Miranda called “the future of musical theater.” She also stars as activist Alice Paul in the story of women in the suffragist movement working to pass the 19th Amendment.

Taub had asked Hillary at an off-Broadway performance of the show if she had any interest in producing the show and reportedly, the Democrat immediately agreed.

“Suffs” opens at Music Box Theater on April 18.

  • Don says:

    I like the fact that these people are tearing her a new one, but in reality they are as fucked up as she is if they are supporting Hamas and the people of Gaza who hate America and want us dead.
    What Hamas did warrants their elimination from the human (?) race.
    Our fearless leader wants to coddle them and tell Bibi how to fight a war for their existence. Israel knows how to fight a war and win, unlike us who haven’t done that since WWII. FJB



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