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Watch: Hamas Terrorists Admit They Beheaded Israelis

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released radio communications between Hamas terrorists during the October 7 massacre where they admitted to beheading entire families and desecrating their bodies.

The audio clip was recorded during a conversation between Malek, a Hamas Nukhba commando who was on the ground in Kibbutz Nirim, and a commander named Hamza who was off-site.

Hamas murdered 1,400 Israelis, wounded 5,300+, and kidnapped approximately 240 in an unprecedented terrorist attack that shocked the world due to the depraved stories that have emerged about the barbaric acts that the Palestinian Islamic terrorists inflicted on innocent people, including babies who were burned alive in ovens.

Hamza told Malek to take pictures of the terrorists “playing” with the severed heads of the innocent Israeli civilians.

“Right now we are in Kibbutz Nirim, praise God!” Malek said.

“Our brothers from the Al Qassem battalion entered [the homes] of three settlers. They cut off their heads with knives, and shot them in the head.”

Hamza responded, “Allahu Akbar and praise God! Malek, take photos of the heads as the guys are playing with them and let them play with them [the heads] on the ground.”

“[I’ll] send them right away, Hamza,” Malek responded. “Right away.”

Disturbing content.


  • vickie says:

    FRANKLY….i read some books when i was taking british lit and history….and noticed that the israelis whatever group they formed…whatever name they called themselves caused war …war all over and its ongoing everywhere …if they were connected with your country they were warring ..and war had to take place to get rid fo them…like in spain when they were there…they were evicted….they want to take over the world…pretty much like putin…..we have to be careful….its like wooing a lion to be your friend and suddenly he eats your stupid self….get real people

    • Faan says:

      I would have considered your opinion till you say”pretty much like putin”. That is absolute nonsense and you are a victim of the western media propaganda. At the very least consider the reporting of a neutral media group like the Indian media groups to get a balanced view. Putin has the biggest country in the world and definitely does not want to take over the world..

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