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Watch: Gavin Newsom’s Oakland, California Transformed Into Warzone on Juneteenth

Dramatic footage has surfaced on X showing a Juneteenth celebration in Oakland, California, which was transformed into a warzone in the overnight hours.

What appears to be gang-on-gang violence sparked an insane shootout on city streets.

In a state governed by radical leftist Gavin Newsom, where common sense law and order are seemingly absent, such scenes are becoming more frequent. This incident further exemplifies why people and businesses continue to flee to safer, red states.

Local media outlet SFGate reported that as many as 5,000 people attended the Juneteenth celebration in Oakland’s Lake Merritt area.

Around 2015 local time, a fight broke out at a sideshow involving “motorbikes and vehicles” at Grand and Bellevue avenues—and that was the moment when all hell erupted.

“During that fight, multiple shots rang out,” said Paul Chambers, the OPD’s strategic communications manager

OPD said there were no known fatalities. There are some reports that at least four people were injured.

“No arrests have been made in connection with the shooting,” police said, adding, “It is currently unknown if there was a single shooter or multiple shooters involved.”

Oakland has been plagued with illegal sideshows, where out-of-control youth drive recklessly on city streets and, in some instances, light cars on fire and loot stores.

Ten days ago in Los Angeles…

This lawlessness stems from disastrous progressive policies that do little to enforce common sense law and order. Failed ‘defund the police’ and other social and criminal justice reforms have only emboldened criminals.

Meanwhile, cities in California and elsewhere are failing to report crime data to the FBI as conditions worsen.

According to polls, law-abiding Americans are fed up with progressive policies that have transformed cities into scenes of the video game Grand Theft Auto. Folks are realizing their vote can stop this madness come November.

  • One says:

    Starting early 2021, (and not 2 weeks after the Presidential Inauguration), they started appearing on TV commercials. Within 8 months, they were appearing in 95% of them. What’s odd is this: They’re always so peaceful and friendly…going on camping trips in luxury SUVs with their smiling, white spouses, and well-behaved, light-skinned children…living in spacious mansions in upper-class neighborhoods w/ meticulously trimmed hedges and waving to their white neighbors…singing and dancing in their modern kitchens while eating healthy, vegetarian meals…


    The average black lives on (at least) 4-7 entitlement programs, (most are signed up for more), which allows them FREE housing, (Section 8); FREE food, (SNAP, WIC, and food stamps); FREE clothing, (general welfare checks); FREE childcare, (ADC plus 14 different programs to help black children ‘economically’), FREE health care, FREE education, FREE – EVERYTHING to live more comfortably than a hard-working, tax paying citizen making $50K a year. Are they happy? NOT EVEN! “Weez bein’ oppressed! Weez bein’ oppressed!”.

    In parts of California, stealing ANYTHING from ANY retail business which is less than $950.00 isn’t even considered a misdemeanor. The store can’t even call the cops because, (technically), no law has been broken. They can be seen regularly walking into retail establishments w/ shopping carts and a calculator, (to make sure they’re not stealing over $950.00 in merchandise), and they walk out, carts brimming. However, in the other states this can’t happen. What’s the result? Here’s the result: Because they can live VERY comfortably on the ‘entitlements’ allowed by the government – they don’t have to work. However, (evidently), all that FREE stuff isn’t enough. THEY NEED MORE. So, on a regular basis, we’re subjected to blacks committing armed robbery in broad daylight at the subways, holding up local convenient stores, and breaking into homes, stealing everything/anything of value. They rob people right on the street and in broad daylight. They break into your grandparents’ home, beat them to a pulp, and steal everything they’ve worked their entire lives for – just so they can have their drug money for the day. Some cities even have new policies which include a ’no chase’ policy, which means police cannot chase a felon once he’s driven away. Carjackings and kidnappings are normal in those areas. Their justification? Too much risk for others getting hurt or killed trying to catch the felons in a high-speed chase. So, what’s done? NOTHING. In the ‘home invasion’, (it’s not breaking and entering anymore, that’s too ‘violent’ a term), in the carjackings the results are the same EVERY time. The few cops on duty get there entirely too late and are once again relegated as mere ‘report takers’ after the fact. The only (non-constructive) result out of it all is more paperwork.

    These ‘people’ have been given too much rope in the name of equity, diversity, inclusion, and equal rights. It’s time now to find higher trees…

  • One says:

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, as an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation. Most of all I like their artistic musical talents, so soothing and relaxing. Brings a sense of hope and order and peace with their uplifting words of encouragement.

  • One says:

    The Black Solution from Thomas Jefferson:

    In the 18th century, the American culture not only allowed black slaves to be living in America, the economy demanded it. But Thomas Jefferson was an incredibly intelligent man. Not only a man of history, but a foreseer. He knew, (even back then), the U.S. had a problem w/ this segment of the population…and he knew the problem would not only not go away – it would get worse. What was the main ingredient of the problem, and was there a solution? Weighing the pros and cons, he could see the harbinger of things to come. What was it? Above everything in both the pro and con columns was one element, one ingredient which stood out, and which was the deal-breaker, the showstopper – it was this: Most blacks have an inherent nature for uncontrolled violence. Not mild, tempered anger like most white men. All-out violence, non-stop violence, until everything and everyone around them was dead and/or burned to the ground. To Jefferson, it appeared to be in their genetic makeup from dozens of generations before them. African tribes battling each other for supremacy and dominance. Never-ending wars of attrition.

    Sidenote: 260 years later, research and modern science, (including DNA), has now proven this ‘theory’ beyond question w/ credible, overwhelming, irrefutable evidence.

    Long before he became President, Jefferson knew this as a young Congressional delegate. He knew the biggest problem the U.S. faced, (both economically and culturally), was not trade or foreign policy, or expanding West. It was the control of the black population. It was controlling the violent nature of the black slave. He was also aware that the family structure was (almost) non-existent in black culture. The majority did not marry but continued to re-populate – at a staggering pace. Of course, this was only to the advantage of the plantation owner(s) whom the slaves belonged to. Commonly found, were girls as young as 14-15 already having their second child, which was easily found to be the product of another man, a brother, the father, or even the plantation owner himself. After all, he owned her as his ‘property’, and she was there at his discretion and/or for his amusement/entertainment.

    So, Jefferson knew if this situation in the United States was left unabated, if the inherent nature of blacks was violence, and if they were to continue to live and work (and multiply as they had been), then the civilized society the United States was living in and enjoying would be vulnerable to nothing short of – unsustainability…as a Nation. In other words, THE NATION WOULD (ULTIMATELY) NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE but would be consumed into extinction w/ violence. He resolved a solution. He travailed long and hard on the subject and came up w/ the only solution available at the time: THE ELIMINATION OF ALL BLACKS FROM THE AMERICA’S.

    He introduced a bill into the House which was titled A Current State of Affairs and submitted the most humane and decent solution would be to round up every black in the America’s, load them onto ships, and sail them to the Caribbean. At the time, there was more than enough room for ALL of them to be used for the sugar trade, and it would be a win-win situation for all. The blacks would be sent to one of the most temperate and beautiful climates in the world, where they could continue to multiply unabated, and continue the carnage of killing each other and burning everything in sight, (as they do now) …and we whites could live in (relative) – PEACE.

    What a concept.

    Of course, most southern Congressmen at the time were also some of the largest plantation owners and would have none of it. The Bill never got passed the House vote and was DOA upon arrival to the Senate…Sad.

    Result: We now have a segment of not 13% of the entire U.S. population, (actual -12.74%), which accounts for (at least) 71% of ALL crime – 71%. Think about that for just a second, and ask yourself: How much more DEI, (diversity, equity, and inclusion), do we need to allow before blacks finally say “Now, we’re all ‘equal’”? How much? The answer: You could give them EVERYTHING, and they would still want more…and so they continue to burn, and slaughter, and covet…and we continue to suffer…sad.



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