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Watch: Furious Driver Punches Eco-Protester After They Block Traffic by Gluing Themselves to the Road

Footage has emerged of a furious driver punching an eco-protester after zealots glued themselves to the road today, causing traffic mayhem in Hamburg city centre.

At the start of the video, the angry man can be seen dragging another man across the road as fellow protestors block cars at a crossing.

He confronts a woman and pushes her along in a threatening manner while shouting at her.

Another livid driver is then seen shouting at one of the protesters.

Other drivers attempt to quieten the man who was first shown in the video as he continues to vent his anger.

The footage shows a line of protesters sitting in the road wearing high visibility jackets, with frustrated drivers looking on from their stationary vehicles.

They are holding orange banners bearing slogans as a driver comes over to shout at them.

The video shows that the protest has created a build-up of traffic.

At another point in the demonstration, a driver exited his car and started to pull the protesters off the road, Bild reported.

He yelled: ‘F*** off!’ Try to clear the way for the cars.’

In the footage, the angry man and another man are seen dragging a female protester across the road to the pavement. They then throw a man to the ground.

The man who is seen throughout the video waves for a white van to come past.

After he confronts one of the photographers, another man tries to intervene and they get into a scrap.

The angry man rips off the other man’s hat and punches him in the face.

The police then come over and speak to him. They are also seen escorting one of the protesters off the road.

Almost three hours later, the officials managed to get the last climate activist off the street, according to Bild.

Thousands of climate protesters gathered in Berlin and other German cities today to demand tougher government action against global warming, particularly when in curbing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector.

A small pro-business party that controls Germany’s Transport Ministry, the Free Democrats, has pushed back against efforts to impose a general speed limit, phase out combustion engines and massively invest in public transport.

The refusal has frustrated the party’s larger coalition partners – Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats and the environmentalist Greens – as well as climate campaigners who say Germany is missing its own emissions targets.

Asked about the protests Friday, a spokesman for Scholz said the German government takes its climate goals ‘very seriously’.

‘All ministries are hard working on them,’ said Wolfgang Buechner.

The protests in Germany are part of a global ‘climate strike’ called by the group Fridays for Future, which drew inspiration from Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s protests outside the parliament in Stockholm.

Darya Sotoodeh, a spokesperson for the group, accused Germany’s transport minister of placing too much focus on the country’s car industry, at the expense of affordable public transport.

Last year, the government agreed to introduce a nationwide public transit ticket costing 49 euros (£43) a month, but bus and train companies say it is not sustainable without further government subsidies.

Public transit labor unions, whose members went on strike in parts of Germany on Friday to demand higher wages, expressed support for the climate protest.



  • Crash says:

    How misguided. And now you have a couple of hundred cars sitting there idling, how much EXTRA emissions did that cause? Stupid people and their stupid climate HOAX!



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