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WATCH: East Palestine Residents Greet Biden with Boos and Signs: ‘Too Little, Too Late’

President Joe Biden’s Friday visit to East Palestine, Ohio was predictably met by a line of angry residents. Biden was welcomed not with the usual fanfare reserved for a sitting president, but with a chorus of boos and a sea of signs bearing a stark message: “Too Little, Too Late.”

The small town of East Palestine has become a focal point of national attention for a community feeling neglected and overlooked in their time of need. The message served as a reminder of the delay in the administration’s response to the town’s crises and the deep-seated feeling among the residents that their concerns have been sidelined in favor of broader political agendas.

The residents, many of whom have called the place home for generations, used the president’s visit to express their profound disappointment, as chants of “Let’s go Brandon!” echoed down the street.

This was the first time Biden has visited East Palestine since the natural disaster following the derailment of the Norfolk Southern train in February of 2023.


Amidst the backdrop of discontent on Friday, there were calls for a return to leadership that prioritizes American interests above all.

A notable undercurrent of support for former President Donald Trump was palpable, with residents openly expressing a desire to see a leader who puts “America First” back in the Oval Office.

East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway firmly stood by his critique of Biden’s response, or lack thereof, to the tragedy.

In a statement that originally made waves after the incident, Conaway suggested that the most fitting time for President Biden to visit East Palestine would be in February 2025, implying that such a visit would be more appropriate for a book tour – suggesting a Trump victory – rather than a meaningful engagement with the town’s urgent needs in the aftermath of the disaster.


  • Proud Veteran says:

    The dementocrat president thinks Americans are stupid, and if they don’t vote for him, then they ain’t black!

  • Jack Tripper says:

    The Audacity of this bumbling buffoon to visit this town over a year after their tragedy.

  • John sweet says:

    Just goes to show you the Democratic socialist agenda is focused on increasing the numbers of voters they can sign up from all the illegals they let in for that very purpose, to help with stealing the vote! What is it now three times as many illegals have crossed into the nation under Biden then under Trump? And that is just the known captures no mention of the unknown numbers estimates.

  • southersgolfer says:

    Joe Biden does not give 2 s#*^s about E. Palestine or the people. He could have taken a trip there right after the incident to say whatever he thought he needed to say, but he didn’t. I agree, too little, too late.



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