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Watch: Democrat Official Smashes SUV Into Cyclist, Speeds Away Without Stopping

Imagine finding out that the hit-and-run motorist that injured you is your Democrat city council representative.

Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise allegedly left the scene of a car crash that sent a cyclist flying earlier this month.

DeGise appeared to have the right of way when she collided with delivery cyclist Andrew Black on July 19, according to the New York Post.

However, video footage of the crash shows a Nissan Rogue driving on after the collision, seemingly not stopping after what could’ve been a fatal accident.

Street camera footage also shows an intensely violent collision between Black and the vehicle.

At least one Jersey City councilman has called for DeGise to resign from the Jersey City Council over her involvement in the incident. Denise has been charged with failure to report an accident and leaving the scene, according to New York WCBS.

Black, a devout Mormon, is pointing to his lack of physical injuries as a sign of divine intervention.

In an interview with, the delivery cyclist has said the collision has left him with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Black was surprised to learn that the motorist that drove away from the accident was a Jersey City elected official.

“Someone of prestige [who is] demanding to uphold and clean our streets or whatever they’re calling it… can’t even do it themselves,” said the 29-year-old man. “It really upset me.”

DeGise identifies herself as the chairwoman of the Hudson County Democrats on her Twitter page.

The councilwoman, who is the daughter of longtime Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, declined to get into specifics of the accident in a statement provided to the Hudson County View.

“I acknowledge this unfortunate event yesterday and I’m thankful that no one was seriously hurt.”

“While the traffic summons that was issued is dealt with in court I will not be able to make any additional comment at this time.”

When asked about the incident, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop criticized DeGise’s actions without calling on her to resign.

“You should never leave the scene of a crash. I think the responsible thing is to wait for law enforcement and follow the law,” said Fulop, according to the New Jersey Globe.

  • Phil Barberg says:

    Illegally driven bicycles are fair game. Stop signs and red lights are for all vehicles including brainless bicycle riders. The driver should have stopped even when the bicycle intentionally hit the car in the intersection. The bike rider will owe for any vehicle damage..

    • FLA=GAL says:

      Yes, bicycles must obey the rules of the road, and he clearly “ran the red light”, BUT HE DIDN’T INTENTIONALLY HIT THE CAR in the intersection, the car struck the bicycle on the bicycle rear wheel. The bike rider will not owe for vehicle damage.

  • Phil Barberg says:

    I’m a bike rider. I’m special and don’t have to obey traffic laws and stop at red lights. So I’m suicidal!

  • dmann84ng says:

    the (D) by her name will save her! it stands for DEVOID!
    devoid of ethics!
    devoid of conscience!
    devoid from scrutiny!
    devoid of accountability!
    devoid from prosecution!
    devoid from justice!
    so, there you have it you dont need Jesus all you need is that coveted (D)by your name!

  • Rich4265 says:

    No charges She’s a DemoRat



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