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Watch: Dad Runs Into Biden on Bike Trail, Catches ‘Live Sniffing’ of Young Girl

President Joe Biden has long been known for his questionable actions around young children, and a new video provided yet another example of this fact.

In the video shared on Twitter, Biden can be seen standing next to a young girl on what appears to be a bike trail in the woods.

After a few seconds, he seemingly leaned down and sniffed the girl’s head before whispering something in her ear. Meanwhile, a man standing next to the girl stared into the distance with a straight face.


Many social media users responded with disgust after seeing the video.

“What mom would allow her child close to him,” one user questioned.

Meanwhile, multiple users noticed that the girl appeared to pull away as Biden got closer to her.

Sadly, this is far from the first time Biden has been captured in the midst of an inappropriate interaction with a young child.

While swearing in Republican Sen. Jim Risch during his time as vice president, Biden stroked the hair of Risch’s daughter and asked to take a photo alone with her. He was clearly uncomfortable with the idea.

“Dad’s going to stand pretty close,” Risch said. Biden went on to comment about what he would do “if I was young.”

Turning Point USA’s Richard Armande Mills shared a video of the unsettling interaction.

Mills also shared a compilation of Biden telling young girls they are not allowed to date until they are 30 years old.

More recently in May 2021, Biden singled out the young daughter of a veteran during a speech at a Virginia military base.

“I love those barrettes in your hair,” Biden said. “Man, I’ll tell you what, look at her she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

When it comes to interacting with children, there is a boatload of evidence suggesting Biden is downright creepy. He no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  • BarbUltraMaga says:

    Pedo Pete living up to his name while making. SCOTUS Kentaji Brown Jackson proud.

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