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Watch: Clinton Critic Reveals What Happened During His Flight with Bill and Hillary Clinton

A critic of Bill and Hillary Clinton coincidentally ended up on the same United Airlines Flight as him this week, and their behavior should not surprise anyone.

As the Daily Mail reported, former RFK Jr. campaign consultant and TikTok personality Link Lauren was on a flight from New York City to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on July 4th when he came across one of the most infamous couples in American history.

Lauren, 25, then revealed what happened after he met the couple.

“I ended up on a flight yesterday with Bill and Hillary Clinton, no it was not the Lolita Express,” he quipped. “But I will say when Hillary got up to go to the bathroom, she dropped her purse, and 33,000 emails fell out.”

Lauren then got serious and offered some surprising praise for Wild Bill: “No matter how you feel politically, Bill Clinton has this old-school politician charisma that can’t be taught and can’t be duplicated.” Lauren said Bill smiled and took pictures with people on the flight.

Crooked Hillary was cordial and seemed engaged when others chatted with her. However, she was unhappy after learning about Lauren’s political beliefs.


“Now Hillary, she was not amused by me. I don’t think she’s seen any of my videos,” Lauren said. “If she had, this would explain it (why she was not fond of him).”

Lauren explained. Bill then went up into the galley to chat with the flight attendants.

“No surprise there,” Lauren said. “He loves the limelight; he loves to be social.”

Lauren went on to offer his theory regarding why the Clintons were flying commercial and how he came face-to-face with them.

“I guess since Epstein’s gone, they have to slum it and fly commercial like the rest of us,” Lauren explained. “I was in New York taping some shows for Fox and doing some meetings. I just wanted to get out of the city; I turned around, and there was Bill Clinton.”

In response to his followers’ questions, Lauren said the Clintons were traveling with Secret Service, who were seated in coach. The Clintons were unsurprisingly in first class.

A couple also got upgraded to first class with the Clintons ahead of the flight and took advantage of it, saying “they wanted to chat their ears off.”

“And Bill Clinton was going “uh huh, uh huh, uh huh,” Lauren added.

  • TJS says:

    So, pedophile Bill has the old school political charisma that can’t be duplicated. Yes, rapists can be very sociable and convincing. Too bad the young women trapped on Epstein’s island could not get away from “good ol’ Bill”.

  • CH says:

    So Hillary couldn’t muster up some civility for someone when she found out their political affiliation was different than her own? Wow. How adult of her.

  • Tacitus Kilgore says:

    I can’t believe they were flying commercial, what no private jets available for the queen?

  • True Patriot says:

    well, since you publicly diss them, and they were on the same plane with you, that is probably the safest you have ever been.



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