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Watch: Climate Activist Gets Tossed to the Ground After Calling Joe Manchin a ‘Sick F**k’

A potty-mouthed climate protester got wrecked after deciding to bully Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) at the Harvard Kennedy School on Friday.

As Mediaite reported, a group of activists from Climate Defiance claimed responsibility for interrupting an event at the school where Manchin was serving as the guest speaker.

One of the loony agitators decided to demonstrate his “toughness” by cursing out and lecturing the West Virginia Democrat.

In the video released by Climate Defiance, the man approaches Manchin, who is sitting at a table with a Harvard Kennedy School banner behind him.

He then yells: “Joe Manchin! You sold our futures and you’ve gotten rich doing it. You sick fuck!”

Upon hearing this, Manchin gets up from his table ready to square off with the heckler before either a male security officer or Manchin aide intervenes. He grabs the agitator by the arm before hurling him like a ragdoll through the open door.

The clueless morons from Climate Defiance claimed they held firm despite the young man getting humiliated.


The event eventually continued with the other protesters badgering Manchin on his support for fossil fuels and pipelines.

The Harvard Kennedy School of Government released the following statement regarding the incident:

Earlier today, protestors disrupted for a few minutes an IOP study group in which Senator Joe Manchin was the guest speaker. A Harvard University police officer ordered the protesters to leave the Kennedy School campus, and the protesters complied.

Senator Manchin continued his discussion with IOP students after the disruption. The Harvard University Police Department and the Kennedy School are reviewing the incident.

Manchin is serving his final year in the Senate after declining to seek re-election knowing inevitable defeat awaited him this year.

  • C-Lei says:

    If you are a climate protestor and you use fossil fuels anything made from them or that was powered by them, you are a hypocrite. That includes gas and electric, the water supply to your home, the clothes you wear and your phones. It also includes the food you buy and eat.

  • Jheri says:

    LMAO at the dude wearing a masque and the dude who stood firm getting tossed out the room like a sack of turds.

  • KatyK says:

    Wearing masks during a meeting to hide their identities? Wacko, crazy people need to be hospitalized.

  • Dorothy says:

    Good for the Manchin aides. These people with the climate change are off the right path. They are stupid, ignorant and arrogant. They can not go to a meeting and then interfere with the speakers monologue. They deserve a good smack in their face.



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