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Watch: Border Patrol Union Chief Explodes on Biden in Fiery Press Conference Alongside Trump

The head of the union that represents Border Patrol agents across the country exploded on President Biden during a Thursday press conference, declaring agents were “mad as hell” and “p—-d” over his policies that allowed the situation at the border to deteriorate so badly.

National Border Patrol Council (NBCP) President Brandon Judd appeared alongside former President Donald Trump in Eagle Pass, Texas, which he described as the “epicenter” of the border crisis, as Biden held a dueling event a few hundred miles away in less affected Brownsville, Texas.

“Sir, I want you to know your agents, my agents, they’re mad as hell — absolutely mad that President Biden went to Brownsville, Texas, rather than going to Arizona, rather than going to San Diego, California, rather than coming to Eagle Pass, Texas, which has been the epicenter,” Judd said after Trump invited him to the microphone to speak.

Judd said the trip allowed Trump to see how his policies worked compared to those implemented by the Biden administration, and that he had the clarity on how to expand them should he be elected president in November.

“Your agents … they are pissed. Border patrol agents are upset that we cannot get the proper policy that is necessary to protect human life, to protect American citizens, to protect the people that are crossing the border illegally,” Judd said.

“We can’t do that because President Biden’s policies continue to invite people to cross here.”

“Thank goodness we have a governor like Governor Abbott. Thank goodness we have somebody that’s willing to run for President of the United States, forego everything else he’s been doing to serve the American people. Mr. President, thank you,” he added.


Earlier in the day, the NBCP issued a fiery warning to Biden, telling him to “keep our name out of your mouth,” hours before the president was due to meet with officials at the border and urge passage of a Senate border bill.

The union also issued a statement earlier this week, calling the visit “too little, too late.”

  • k says:

    Reminds me of when Mayorkas sent Kamala to the wrong side of the border ~El Paso instead of the Rio Grande Valley.

    Trump proves the dems wrong once again…

  • Judy says:

    I agree and every illegal in the United States should be dealt with the same way. and all crimes committed should be charged to obama and biden and harris and pelosi and schumer and MAYORKAS and garland and wray and all demo rats in office who all0wed this to happen, as far as I am concerned all crimes done by any illegal are to be also charged against the above mentioned people they are guilty as hell.

  • Supergnat says:

    My understanding is, the border bill sloe joe pedo is pushing will not stop the chaos at our Southern border but actually make it worse as well as make the chaos legal and give the idiot mayorkas complete control to do as he sees fit.



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