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Watch: Black Voters Explain Why They Back Trump Over Biden

A group of black men said during an interview this week that things are so bad under President Joe Biden, they are considering voting for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

MSNBC reporter Trymaine Lee interviewed the men at a barbershop in Charleston, South Carolina, for a segment that aired on Friday.

The men said that economic prosperity was the main factor that Trump had that makes him more appealing than Biden.

“Donald Trump has a reputation of being the money man,” one man said.

“I just think that Donald Trump, in spite of all the craziness he may have in his head, reading some of the things that he talks about what business I can kind of agree with,” another one of the men said. “Because I’m trying to grow my business. As far as Biden, I haven’t seen Biden really care about business like that. And my concern is having my business so that I can build generational wealth so my kids can see and have something to take upon when I’m not here.”

When asked if they knew people in their friend circles who were considering voting for Trump, one man said: “For sure.”

“A lot of my friends are obviously my age, so we’re a little younger. We’ve only voted once, you know, for president, and Trump is kinda all we know,” the man continued.

“They’re like, ‘Well, we’re broke with Biden. We weren’t with Trump.’ And that’s kind of the only thing that I’m hearing over and over again. … ‘With Trump, we had money.’ Well, okay, I hear you guys. But personally, morally I couldn’t see myself.”


  • NANCY says:

    That needs to be heard everywhere, not just in emails to conservatives.

  • Leslie says:

    It all comes down to money and ‘what you can do for me”. Shocking!!! That is what made them vote for Biden. The financial incentives are all they care about. Nevermind all the other things that are fucked up about thus country, all Biden’s doings.

  • Hog Jockey says:

    biden certainly is not the answer, and the democrats will just replace him with somebody much worse! Don’t buy the dem BS! Vote Red!

  • See more says:

    It isn’t only blacks feel broke, it’s whites also. Trump 2024. Glad to see lots of people waking up.



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