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Watch: Biden Snaps at Reporter Who Asks About the Nation Heading Toward Economic Disaster

There are some things that you just know are true. I knew the New York Giants weren’t going to beat the Los Angeles Rams last year who went on to win the Super Bowl. And we all knew that Joe Biden was never going to be a good president.

With every passing day, the man just can’t fill the office. He doesn’t have the presence. He always looks small, and it doesn’t help that he’s heading towards becoming more of the custodian at the White House than a leader of it. He and his super diverse group of women, people of color, and LGBT folks are piss poor at governing.

What have they solved? Nothing. Inflation is being blamed on Putin and the Ukraine war. How long will they keep peddling that talking point before someone tells them it hasn’t worked…for months.

Blaming the Russians might get inner-city progressive whites’ rocks off, but it does nothing to help black voters, suburban moms, and young people—the three groups that Democrats need most and the ones being hammered the most by the Biden economy.

The economy shrank last quarter. The next quarter is bound to be the same story. Two consecutive quarters of this is a recession. You all know the rules here. You could argue that we’re already in a recession. It will be made official soon enough. When asked about this at the Delaware Shore, Joe Biden snapped at the reporter, saying that the majority of his people don’t see that coming. He also said the reporter was acting like a Republican politician. He later said he was joking. Was he? Also, can someone tell Biden his own economic team does not count?

Biden thinks if he gets on the trail more, things will improve for his approval numbers and that of his party ahead of the midterms. Yeah, not with these interactions which defies reality. We’ve all heard stories about how arrogant Biden is—how he’s really a cranky old man who can’t stand people disagreeing with him. You have this outburst, plus him falling off a bike which only adds to the narrative that this man is old, fragile, and stupid. Letting Biden be Biden will only lead to continued dismal approval ratings, so please—keep him out there. Biden has a rather interesting belief that his power of persuasion is what’s key to saving him. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe we also saw why this administration allows crises to linger and eat away at the country like a cancer. He simply doesn’t believe that anything is wrong.

  • Gail Honadle says:

    You all are misreading the BIDEN GREAT DEPRESSION 2 SIGNS. Just because it doesn’t resemble to the letter, Hoover’s recession, which FDR turned into a 10-year Great Depression, doesn’t mean the signs aren’t there. It started with Keystone and coal on day 1, from being energy independent to importing foreign oil again. No one has added up the Ukraine bills, two $40 billion, several $1-2 Billion, the latest is $10 billion. No chips or parts for his electric cars, 500,000 Charging stations are useless without them. Baby Formula is not solved, empty store shelves, high prices, Milk now equals gas prices. Pet food short supply, Insulin shortages looming. Higher than normal FDA food recalls made it worse. Small businesses folding, people eat out less, and they are shopping the Goodwill more. Holding on to cars longer, people are slowly losing housing and buying the cheapest food they can. Those stimulus checks went to families with kids, which left vulnerable seniors digging into what savings they had. They are the ones giving up luxuries like getting hair, and nails, done, many skip their meds. That old appliance isn’t replaced, and the H/VAC system they put in 3 yrs ago, won’t meet the Green Energy demand. Jimmy Carter was a piker compared to Biden. Just because no one is throwing themselves out of the Stock Market windows, doesn’t mean they aren’t committing Suicide. Then you have a generation of kids on anti-depression drugs that turn them Suicidal or Homicidal.

    1 EO AFTER THE OTHER, AS LEGISLATION IS BLOCKED. When was the last time a Prison was built to house criminals that Recidivate? LBGTQ is being shoved down our throats, and more people are home schooling and homesteading. States like Cali, NY is losing population. Even the Obamas installed massive fossil fuel tanks for their Martha’s Vineyard Multimillion $$ estate.Shipping is a shambles, food rots, and food in the grocery store is smaller or gone gigantic that the average shopper can’t afford. The quality is lower, more geared to those who can’t cook, and eat junk food, sodas, and booze. The big bear is the USA IMPORTS MORE THAN IT PRODUCES, NO BUSINESSES NO JOBS.

    He just threw 500 hundred out of work with his AR 15 ammo ban which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That doesn’t include the support workers. 10 million poor kids are losing their free…taxserf provided lunches. Those hospitalized with long Covid are getting astronomical medical bills. The injuries, and permanently disabled from the 89 pages of serious side effects that will land them unemployable and on SSI. They run the gamut of cancers, neurological, heart, HIV, Herpes, Shingles, CJD has upticked from the usual 8 months, 400 per year to 4.5 months you’re dead.

    • Boaz says:

      A+ I am waiting for the blackouts in big cities. if people think it’s the old West now, just wait. Panic, Food theft. thousands of robbery’s when there is no power and more killing, much more. I am hoping mostly Democrat Marxist are the deceased. My parent educated us more than anything about the Great Depression! Man are todays weak minds going to suffer, and I will love watching them fail.

  • MBeached says:

    Check out his cap: Beau Biden Foundation. This is where the magic is done. Money laundering is easy, simple when you have a “Family Foundation” just like the rest of the career politicians in Washington DC and your Capital Cities. They take the bribes through these foundations and “help” the “poor” and “downtrodden”. Ever heard of the Clinton Foundation and Bush Foundation Haitian scandal. Billions of dollars supposedly went out for disaster aid to the island. But when the citizens were interviewed many never even heard of aid for them. And the ones that knew of it said it wasn’t worth the walk to get stale and tasteless food, what little was.

    • Boaz says:

      Nailed it. I wish they would allow assassinations, because this guy and his administration deserve it. All this failure because they didn’t like mean tweets and stuffed ballot boxes for a guy who never drew over 100 people at any campaign event and sat in his basement through the whole thing, because they knew with the extra ballots they had it won. kinda strange isn’t it?

  • S Davis says:

    We you hire woke diversity, who are unelected, who have an addenda … This is what you get!
    Sleepy Joe is a Grumpy Ol’ Man … needs a nap.

  • Boaz says:

    Many times Biden, while campaigning got pissed at people who challenged him with an easy question, Many times he invited them outside to take them on. I would love that opportunity and will try. Hoping he runs again in 2024.. there is usually witnesses to his invite and if so I would love that chance? We are close in age and that shouldn’t be a problem. Just one swing to save the world.



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