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Watch: Biden Receives Rude Welcome While Visiting Swing State

President Biden received a rude welcome from swing-state voters who mercilessly heckled him during a Friday trip to Pennsylvania.

The 81-year-old commander in chief was met with shouts of “Go home, Joe!” and “You’re a loser!” by residents of an Allentown-area house as he walked into a bicycle store, according to a pool report.

Hours later, protesters opposed to Biden’s support for the Israeli offensive against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip vowed that he’d pay the price at the ballot box in November.

“We will remember in November,” the group chanted near a firefighter training center — also adding, “No vote for genocide Joe.”

The president made the trip without delivering prepared remarks ahead of a weekend getaway at Camp David in Maryland.

While he was away, fencing contractors were spotted near the White House preparing for a large anti-Israel protest Saturday — after a massive group of activists shoved on the executive mansion’s gates in November and vandalized them with red handprints and anti-Biden graffiti.

Biden did speak briefly with reporters about his decision to order airstrikes Thursday on the Iran-allied Houthi-led government of Yemen, in retaliation for attacks on Red Sea commercial shipping.

But the president also added a crack at the press’s expense while visiting a shoe store.

“Would you give them running shoes so they can take off?” joked the president, who has taken heat from journalists for giving relatively few interviews and press conferences.

  • Dat says:

    I’m surprised O’biden didn’t trip watching the girls butt in jeans. What a perverted jackass.

  • Dorothy says:

    The people who are going to meet for Hamas, are really going off the edge. How could they stand for those ruthless no good terrorists. It is beyond me. Maybe they do not know history. I wish someone would send them to Iran for a lesson in History.

  • John sweet says:

    We have to worry most as we come closer to the elections! His lawless actions have gone by for both he and his prodigy. What makes anyone believe that things are going change with the Biden’s history of antisemitism and racial hatred being the bedrock of their morality?



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