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Watch: Biden Meets with Pope Francis at G7

Fortunately, Friday is Joe Biden’s last day in Italy for the G7, so the time that he can embarrass us overseas at the conference is thankfully coming to an end.

We’ve seen him wandering and people having to help redirect him back to where he was supposed to be going. We’ve seen him giving garbled answers and snapping at a reporter because the reporter dared to ask him a question at his presser that wasn’t about Ukraine. That managed to get a reaction out of the White House Correspondents Association. They threw Biden under the bus in their statement, saying there were no “deals” as he claimed.

On Friday, Biden was involved in “work meetings” that were closed to the press.

He also had a meeting with Meloni as well as a meeting with Pope Francis. The White House said Biden would be talking about issues concerning Ukraine, the war in Gaza, AI, and climate change with the Pope.

There was a photo-op session where they showed the Pope meeting some of the G7 leaders and guest leaders.

The 87-year-old pontiff had been wheeled into a room of world leaders to take part in a discussion of issues surrounding artificial intelligence, energy and the Africa-Mediterranean region. He is the first pope ever to attend a G7 gathering.

Other leaders joining the discussion included Argentina President Javier Milei, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Milei was very excited to meet the Pope.

But it probably goes without saying that the weirdest greeting was going to be from Joe Biden. There’s already a lot of comment on X about it — about him getting too close to the Pope, seeming to put his head right on top/next to the Pope’s head.


We already know Joe has a problem with sniffing people but this was a new twist on the weirdness. He has no sense of appropriate personal space. I suppose we are lucky that he didn’t sniff the pontiff.

The reactions were priceless.

The Pope was surprised.

There was a great photo bomb from Javier Milei, who was like, “What the heck?”

But my favorite look might be from Meloni. It was very slight, but check her out at the end, it’s that tight-lipped smile, that look that seems to say to me she’s tired of babysitting, “Thank God, this is almost over.”

  • k says:

    That photo is priceless & the meme that could be made even more priceless…

    The pope’s facial expression looks like he smelled something foul beside the evil treasonous corruption that oozes from Joey’s veins lol

  • MBeached says:

    Someone needs to lock Joe Biden in a cell. NO ONE TOUCHES THE POPE AS HE IS A HOLY MAN AND JOE BIDEN IS SATEN INCARNATE! How much more embarrassing is this? I cringe with anger and embarrassment! God forgive me!



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