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Watch: Biden Clutches Jill’s Arm After Touching Down in Hamptons for Ritzy Fundraiser

President Biden stepped off Marine One in the Hamptons Saturday afternoon with a frozen grimace on his face and clutching wife Jill Biden’s arm — just two days after he made a frail showing at his first 2024 debate against Donald Trump.

Biden, 81, and the first lady put up a united front at Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach, down to their coordinating blue-hued ensembles.

The couple was on Long Island for a star-studded fundraiser at the home of hedge-fund billionaire Barry Rosenstein and his wife Lizanne — the first of two big-donor events the commander in chief had in the metro area Saturday — despite a national clamor for him to step down after his alarming debate performance.

Big names, including celebrity couples Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick and Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan, were said to have shelled out as much as $250,000 to rub elbows with the president.

Sources said Howard and Beth Stern, Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch and his socialite wife Lizzie, and Donald Trump’s former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci were also in attendance.

Traffic and planes

The ensuing traffic from the Bidens’ arrival for the ritzy event miffed locals — including members of the swanky Maidstone Club, sources told Page Six. A plane with a “BI-DONE” sign trailing behind it flew above the venue.

Attendees of the well-heeled event were said to be “extremely disappointed” in Biden’s fumbling debating Thursday — which raised serious questions about his mental fitness.

“Everyone paid in advance . . . so it could be an opportunity to encourage him to drop out,” an invited guest told The Post.

“I wanted to go and see the train wreck. I’d rather choose someone from a phone book than have Biden,” another donor said.

The sold-out event was a “success,” one attendee later revealed, adding that Team Biden announced it raised $27 million since the debate debacle.

“Joe was totally alert. . . . He didn’t make excuses, just the comment, ‘I didn’t have a great night.’ But he added we aren’t going to quit until we win.”

Biden — who would be 86 if he finished a second term in January 2029 — also spoke in a soft, scratchy voice during the debate, which insiders said was due to a lingering cold.

He was then helped off the stage by Jill, 73 — an image that only seeded further doubt about his ability to lead the country.

“I sat there and watched it and I could not believe it. I said, not only is this a political hydrogen bomb for him and the Democratic Party, it, you know — what happened?” Washington Post editor Bob Woodward lamented on MSNBC Friday.

According to one poll, a staggering 82% of voters do not think Biden should seek re-election.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Why must the taxpayers fund his flying all around for fundraising? Anytime he uses US Govt Helicopter or Air Force One it should be more US Business. IF he is using the govt resources to go line his pockets, no doubt he’s skimming and he gets cash-in-hand for “favors” – Why do ALL of the taxpayers need to fund the Staff, Pilots, Secret Service, et al while he’s rubbing elbows? I’d like to THANK the person who funded & flew the “BI-DONE” banner via aircraft over the event – Thank You!

  • Dorothy says:

    I truly hope that this will be the end of the Democratic (communists) party. They have literally destroyed our country with their corrupt and stupid decisions. They have no right to be running this country because they are too stupid. I can not look at that Jill, she is a scheming witch that gives a damn about no one but herself and what she can take away from us. I hope she goes to jail for “Senior abuse.”

    • GI Bride says:

      Count the silver when they leave the White House.
      Remember HRC stole a lot of things, furniture, Jewlery etc. HRC’s excuse was she thought it was hers because it was a gift from a foreign nation. NO, NO, No they are all gifts to the American citizens & stay in the White house.



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