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Watch: Biden Aides Yell at Reporters as Biden Mocks Them

President Joe Biden’s aides lashed out at reporters in an attempt to prevent them from asking Biden questions they didn’t want him to answer.

Meanwhile, a video captured the moment on tape where Biden can be seen smiling as reporters yell at reporters.

Biden was then captured mocking the reporters with a gesture he did using his mouth.


This comes as the president has often been silenced by his staff to not answer reporters’ questions.

During a January press conference, staffers for Biden repeatedly gave him cues to wrap up the questions, however, he had trouble listening to instructions which caused First Lady Jill Biden to reprimand his aides for not intervening sooner.

Bloomberg News reporter Nancy Cook tweeted that “the Biden WH seems *particularly intent* on the press not asking any q’s of POTUS 14 days out from the midterms, w/WH aides screaming in the faces of reporters who try to ask Biden q’s following each event today.”

Biden was off to a rough start when this week he responded to questions about his age and health saying that he could “drop dead tomorrow.”

During an MSNBC interview with Jonathon Capeheart, Biden said that he thinks he can still do the job of running the country.

“You know, I could be, I’m a great respecter of fate… I could get a disease tomorrow, I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow,” Biden said, adding “but I, you know, in terms of my energy level, in terms of how much I’m able to do, I think people should look and say, ‘is he, is he still have the same passion for what he’s doing?’ And if they think I do, and I can do it, then that’s fine.”

  • jim says:

    He’s a jackass. Normally, someone would be there for crowd control. We know old Joe is having problems!

  • Leslie says:

    This literally made me initially furious, but then I started just laughing at the ridiculous shit coming out of his mouth. We are f**ked as a country if we don’t get a change of powers.

  • Cheryl says:

    Do I feel bad for the jackals, NOPE! They had a hand in the rigged election that got this buffoon installed.

  • wokestinks says:

    Well those last words from sleepy Joe made no sense whatsoever. Hes the puppet with Pelosi and Harris pulling his strings, theyre running the country, Biden hasnt got the thinking power , he’s not far from being completely senile. And i thought our politicians /pm’s were bad. Roll on the Trump presidency in 2024 put the USA and the world to rights again. That a senile old git is representing the most powerful country on the planet is a joke , join Britain as the 2 most laughed at countries in the world .

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