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Watch: Biden Accused of Racism After Bizarre Comment About Obama

President Joe Biden’s remarks at a state dinner have caused a storm of backlash in what was meant to be a glittering occasion.

During Thursday night’s high-profile gathering with Kenyan President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto, an off-the-cuff comment by Biden led to accusations of racism.

Hosted at the White House, the evening was a showcase of diplomatic goodwill, featuring a toast by Joe Biden, a prayer led by Senior White House Military Chaplain John Scott, and a musical performance by country star Brad Paisley, followed by the Howard Gospel Choir of Howard University.

However, the harmony of the night was disrupted by Biden’s puzzling reference to former President Barack Obama.

With a noticeable slur in his speech, Biden badly joked, “Jill and I are honored to have you here and we’re representing… including many members of the African diaspora. One just left — Barack…”


At the dinner, attendees celebrated six decades of U.S.-Kenya diplomatic ties, an event charged with an air of making up for lost time. This week, Joe Biden is keenly refocusing on Black voters, a crucial group he’s counting on to boost his chances at a White House comeback.

The shift comes amid findings from a New York Times/Siena College poll in battleground states, showing Trump potentially securing over 20% of Black votes against Biden—a figure that would be record-breaking if realized in the upcoming November election. In 2020, Trump captured roughly 10% of the Black electorate nationally, with CNN’s exit poll marking his support at 12%.


  • The White House doctor should be arrested and thrown out of the White House it’s his job to keep an eye on the physical and mental health of the president and obviously he’s not doing his job this man is out there should not be in the white house he should be an old folks home or prison where he belongs outrageous that this is allowed to go on and they bitch about Trump… unfukin real…SMFH

  • James Leamons says:

    Folks, we are talking about the former Senator who would not live in DC because his kids would live an a “racial jungle”. Not a bigot bone in Joes body…

  • Jill says:

    How much worse can it get? Hold my Bud light………



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