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Watch: AOC Heckled and Shouted Off Stage by NYC Voters: ‘Put America First’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) was booed off stage during a New York City town hall by attendees who were frustrated by the Democrat’s position on the looming debt ceiling issue, the border crisis, and the millions of dollars being funneled to Ukraine.

Hecklers shouted at the Squad member several times, telling her that she doesn’t put America first.

“American citizens before migrants,” one man shouted as he walked toward AOC holding small American flags. “Where are you on the migrant issue? You’re a piece of s—t.”


A crowd member attempted to defend AOC saying, “Immigrants have nothing to do with vets; it’s just an excuse. We all, for the most part, came through Ellis Island.” However, someone yelled out: “Legally!”

AOC has been a long-time advocate for illegal immigration, even before they began being shipped to the Democrat-run city by Republican governors, as an attempt to deal with the thousands illegally crossing the southern border every day.

On several occasions, the Squad member accused the Trump Administration of housing illegal aliens in concentration camps at the border.

Multiple people attending the town hall in Queens held signs that read “AOC: an obvious criminal,” while another read “AOC: Stop pushing drag queen story hour.”

Another asked if the U.S. would do anything to stop the war with Russia, suggesting the country was on the brink of a nuclear war; she previously voted to send over $100 billion to Ukraine after suggesting she supported the idea of removing the debt ceiling.

In addition, the Biden Administration also sent Ukraine nearly $40 billion in military aid since late February 2022.

As security removed the hecklers, one person shouted, “Freedom of speech!”

  • kronik says:

    welcome to the Divided States of Fascistika!
    good to see others standing up to our corrupt, so-called, ” leaders “

  • Juanita says:

    Were they actually booing her offstage or the man who stood up to speak to her? The article said millions of dollars have been funneled to the Ukraine. It is actually billions that Biden has gifted them, all while making sure our country gets as jacked up as possible with the millions of illegals he invited to our country through the open borders, expecting all of US to bite the bullet in order for these people to take what is rightfully and legally ours. We can take it with a smile or get called bigoted and racist, never mind that that is not the case. We are livid at being screwed over by this so called president and his cohorts. AOC is one of them. She can take her socialist agenda and shove it. She needs to be voted out and never voted back in to any position. Not even as a dogcatcher. This is the most wicked administration I have ever seen in my life. And it’s going to get worse unless they are completely voted out. And the voters need to be alive, in the right county and state, and have proof of who they actually are. And all voting should be on paper ballots and guarded so the left can’t f everything up like they did before, because they are really good at lying and cheating.

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